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Journey To Fairy City


This is the second time I'm making a game for the pyweek game jam (and third time for game jam in general). I'm happy with my progress, but I still need to improve. Many things that I wanted to do I couldn't (mostly because my time was shorter than I expected...) but that's okay, I know now a lot more and I'm ready to keep working in this project for more time!

I tried to do something simple, I needed to feel like I'm doing something in my level and not trying to exceed my knownledgeThis way I now what I can and can't do to study even more those things!!

I hope everyone that play it, will like it! If not, I'm sorry to disapoint you.


This game is simple: 'E' is the action button, you use it to get the axe, cut the trees and kill the spiders!!The arrows move the character around.

And that's all ... For now!

About the game

You are lost in the middle of the woods... When you lay down to rest you remember a clear path in front of you but now you only see trees everywhere... And it's getting darker and darker as the firepit goes off. You need to do something quickly and get out of there, you don't know what is lurking in the shadows.

Known Issues

You want to help me with the bugs? I would love that! You can make push requests and help me with those basic things I don't know!

So let's list everything that I know that is not working:

Yeah, you can't play forever (in a single run)... You can only once click the "continue" button, the second time the game freezes :(

The spiders can kill you and everything in the game ...... if they get inside you. It's creepy, but it's true. (It's because the code I'm using for the spiders to follow you, if they reach the same position as you, it can't calculate where to go...)

Sometimes the spiders get lazy and just stay in their place... Sometimes it's because they can't see you, sometimes it's because they don't know how to get to you.

You can pass all the trees if you use the action button and arrow keys at the same time in some situations. It looks like you are cheating hehe.

The spritecollide don't work all the time with the spiders and sometimes it takes a lot of attacks to kill one... I could say it's a feature, but I don't know how exactly I could fix it... I needed to redo all the sprites, maybe?

There is no sound. I know it's sad... But I didn't have time to do that :((((

There is no other levels. I couldn't make them... But I promise I'll do it after the end of pyweek (at least once a month I'll update the game!)

There is no fairy city...yet. If you finish the game, you can only see the beatiful emptyness and think about your life choices. I hope it's not much for you.

There is no movements. BUT 99% of this is not an issue. I just need movement for the attacks and repel the spiders so the player don't die so fast...


If you read all this, a huge thanks for you! If you read and tried to help, I like you a lot! If you did all that and voted in my game. I like you a lot! If you did all that and made a push request. I love you! If you did all that and solve one of the issues. I love you a loooooooooot!!!!!!!

(Just kidding, I like everyone the same :) thanks everyone.)


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Overall: 2.2
Fun: 2.2
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 2.1

7% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


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Diary Entries

Starting with the idea!

I want to make something simple. And It must be an RPG!!! So why not use something that happened while playing D&D with my friends?! 

We were running in circle in a road, without knowing, because it was near a fairy city. The idea was that we  needed to stop near a fire pit in the middle of the road and help the person that was there... This way we could prove the fairies we are worth continuing our journey ...


But you will know what we did tomorrow, now a little bit about what I'm going to do in the game:

You will start near a fire pit that casts some light around... All you can see are the trees nearby that block the light from going further ... You can imagine what you'll have to do, right?! 

Thanks for reading, sorry for my bad English, hope you follow up my story :) 


Time for some sketch!

We finally decide to stay near the fire pit and rest for a while to plan our next step... We almost killed the person there, as we suspected he was a thief... But one of our friends stopped us, made some tea for everyone and we relaxed.. We talked with the man about his reasons to be there, he was being misterous all the time... When the night finally come, we decided to take turns patrolling the area...

But it's a story for tomorrow. Let's see what I already did for the actual game?

just a sketch and some boilerplate codes hahahaha but it's something!! It'll be simple, so I'm not in a hurry!

Sketch for my game

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More updates!!!!!

I'm here again! I was busy with work and other stuff so I didn't do anything for 2 days... Life doesn't stop, right?! 
But i'm doing a lot of stuff today, i'll not talk about the story today. I'll write it all on the last day. So let's focus on the progress :

Sneaky peaky

And if you want to see a little bit closer the character:

char sem arma

char com arma

Oh, you like the background and the trees? 
Take a look:


I'm excited to see it done. I still need to make it "darker"... But i'm almost there!!!
 Hope you all are excited too! :) 

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End of the journey

So here we are. In the middle of the forest, with a stranger around a fire pit. During the night nothing special happens... But in the morning we don't see the stranger anymore... He has vanished but left a note, saying that we can go on our way because our hearts are pure. 

Yeaaaahh... I think that he may be blind. But that's okay, we shall go!!!! 

Where? Well... I don't remember anymore ... but somewhere along that journey we got a dragon egg too. And the dragon only likes the most Lawful good person. So only one of our group can pet that dragon... :( 

The story was cut short. So was my time hahahaahha. And with this I can announce that my """"FINAL""""" version is out. There are a lot of bugs? Of course. I will do something about it? I'll say it's **features**. 

HAHAHAH But seriously, you will find some bugs while playing. But I liked so much the idea and how I could finish it (in someway) that I'll try to make a 1.0 version someday (this one you will play here is 0.1.1). There are a lot of things I want to do, so if you want to look for it and enjoy with me, you can check the github page or this page I created for the game:
Journey to the Fairy City

Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy my game! :) 

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