End of the journey

So here we are. In the middle of the forest, with a stranger around a fire pit. During the night nothing special happens... But in the morning we don't see the stranger anymore... He has vanished but left a note, saying that we can go on our way because our hearts are pure. 

Yeaaaahh... I think that he may be blind. But that's okay, we shall go!!!! 

Where? Well... I don't remember anymore ... but somewhere along that journey we got a dragon egg too. And the dragon only likes the most Lawful good person. So only one of our group can pet that dragon... :( 

The story was cut short. So was my time hahahaahha. And with this I can announce that my """"FINAL""""" version is out. There are a lot of bugs? Of course. I will do something about it? I'll say it's **features**. 

HAHAHAH But seriously, you will find some bugs while playing. But I liked so much the idea and how I could finish it (in someway) that I'll try to make a 1.0 version someday (this one you will play here is 0.1.1). There are a lot of things I want to do, so if you want to look for it and enjoy with me, you can check the github page or this itch.io page I created for the game:
Journey to the Fairy City

Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy my game! :)