Tetris in Ohio

Heyyy! Everyone. I only got a couple of days this time :(
Anyways the game is complete heres a video

Please view for proper formatting. I am `BeautifulRequest` on pydis-server and `Ibrahim2750mi` on arcade server.

## How to run
Theres no addditional dependancies other than arcade. Supports python3.8-11. Although if you want to use run the `dev_tools` directory make sure to keep it below python3.10 due to a limitation with PyAudio. The `dev_tools` is not used by the game itself but was used by me to handle the assets.
$ pip install arcade==3.0.0.dev18 || pip install -r requirements.txt
There are two parameters you can pass to run the game i.e debug and performance. Pass true for performance if you have a low end pc. Also don't cd into the source directory to run the game. $ python src/ # normal run $ python src/ true # debug run $ python src/ false true # performance run

## Production
+ The player has 6 animations -> (Death, Hurt, Idle, Jump, Push, Run) + Has two background music
+ Has a rainy effect for the loosing screen
+ Has a different music which for dying(the famous gregorian chant dies irae) which is coded by me see `src/dev_tools/`
+ Uses shaders for lighting effect

## Innovation
+ The game is an extract of the age old game Tetris, but instead of normally controlling the columns in which the boxes fall in you get a character which does that
+ Tetris in Ohio comes from the meme "Only in Ohio" which basically means things are different in Ohio, thus reflecting the concept of the game
+ Theres a backstory included in the game's `Story?` button, which co-relates with the theme
+ Dies Irae(literally means day of wrath in latin) the Gregorian Chant starts playing when you die, showing the extent of darkness

## Fun
Did you had fun playing it? I hope you did. The game contains meme references also hope you had a laugh.

## Bugs
+ Sometimes(rare) the player the gets stuck between two press 'R' to reset the player's position.


Given to a coder who has created the most down in Ohio game known to man
Presented by Itsbailey-X3525

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 3.8

12% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


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BeautifulReques 2023/03/28 08:28
BeautifulReques 2023/03/28 08:27
BeautifulReques 2023/03/27 19:38

Diary Entries

Boiler plating

Today will try to boiler-plate this tutorial and this example

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Made the game compatible with theme

Well, the previous day went in all those boiler-plating, made some changes like lighting and overlay to suit with the theme. Also added a cool backstory. Also modified the previous day's logic.

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Patched up things today

The game got completed sooner than I expected, so letss go!
Anyways added a with run instructions.

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