March 2023 challenge: “In the shadows”

None Shall Pass - None Shall Pass: Postmortem

Posted by Tee on 2023/04/16 16:12

Thank you all who played my game! I also enjoyed playing your games very much.

I was a bit too ambitious this time, but I managed to find a decent stopping point at which the game felt reasonably complete. I originally wanted to have a few different types of shadowy traps and a few different types of enemies, and you would have to activate certain traps for certain enemies, or need certain traps to be adjacent. My goal was to focus more on the "packing traps" aspect of the game and have the player try to optimize their round, but this wasn't possible with the time that I had.

That said, I'm happy with how it turned out, especially with the visuals. The game is a little complicated at first, and in Pyweeks it's really hard to have time to make a proper tutorial, but I'm glad that overall people got the hang of it. I should have put the player back in the beginning of the round when you lose, but hopefully the game is short enough so that it wasn't too problematic.

Congratulations to the team winners and everyone else who finished a game! See you next time.

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Echoes in the Dark - Thank you all so much

Posted by Itsbailey-X3525 on 2023/04/16 00:25

So apparently the game was too hard lol, I'd like to apologize we did not intend to make the game so hard. For us it was easy as we had to constantly keep playing to test it which caused us to adapt to the game and learn all the techniques. But thank you for all the great ratings and we are absolutely both surprised and happy/honoured that we came 10th this pyweek so thank you loads :)

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The Almighty Sun - So... now that I have time

Posted by RicBin on 2023/04/06 10:16

I just got off work so I can finally write a journal entry.

For this Pyweek I've decided to use a new library, Pyxel (at least new to me), it's not a bad option, and I can see myself using it more in the future.

Something I really liked is that you can import the code to an html file and you can play it in the browser!!! (Try it here)

Regarding the game, I feel happy for what I achieved, although the game is too hard and you need a lot of luck to reach the end, so feel free to change the code and give yourself some extra water bottles.

Bottle of Water

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Echoes in the Dark - New level display bug

Posted by Itsbailey-X3525 on 2023/04/04 14:44

When beating level one it'll display your going onto level three, ignore this you are still on level 2

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shadow monster - shadow monster - wrong numbers in source code version

Posted by chrisyan2000 on 2023/04/03 23:41

the source version is OP numbers(100* attack and hp), in set the following four numbers will change it to normal mode:

self.starting_energy = 2

self.attack = 10

self.current_hp = 50

self.max_hp = 50

Thank you sid for letting me know about this

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The fine dinner - If something not working

Posted by yarolig on 2023/04/03 22:19

I'm writing this post in case someone do not understand whats going on in the game or stuck or I missed a file and the game do not working.

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Escape!! - How the final game was supposed to be?

Posted by tacchan on 2023/04/03 08:02

The game, when the shaders were working on Windows

(The game when the shaders were working on Windows but not on Mac)

What is missing?

The game is missing it's key element, we are missing a torch. The map was supposed to be totally dark and the player holds a torch to light up the areas. We tried shaders for this but couldn't come up with a bug-free shader. 

Secondly, we are missing the actual game mechanics. There's a PR implementing some of that in our repo, still unresolved. We ran out of time. The levels would have included a set of objects - the chests (contains the key to next door), the batteries (to keep the torch lit up) and a bunch of letters lying around for touching the game lore. We're missing all of that.

We also lack the character designs. The player is supposed to a normal guy, not someone holding a gun. The enemies were supposed to be in white aprons and such or in security uniform, as they are doctors or asylum guards... not some green slime blocks.

Lastly there are some bugs that could be fixed if given the time.

* The restart button after game over doesn't work.

* The inventory shows previously equipped items after restarting a new game.

* The enemies can pass through walls and after chasing they can return to their patrolling routes but often they get stuck.

* There is no Level clear system.


Chinkara goat paradise - make game easier

Posted by speedlimit35 on 2023/04/03 06:16

Dear friends,

It has come to my attention that our game may be a little too challenging because the enemies are too fast.

The solution is simple. Open and change the variable ENEMY_SPEED or ENEMY_CHASE_BOOST to a lower value.

Sorry for the inconvenience if you come across this problem and we hope you like our game!

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Phantasma's Dark House Simulator - Overlooked dependency info on readme

Posted by Phantasma on 2023/04/03 04:55

I forgot to mention on the readme that this game uses python 3.8.

 Apologies to anyone who tried to run this on an older python version just in case.

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Escape!! - Set up

Posted by tacchan on 2023/04/02 18:30

Set up guide for Escape!!

1. download the zip file 

2. extract it 

3. cd `escape`

4. run `` to check system

5. install poetry if not present (follow the steps in the output of

6. `poetry shell`

7. `poetry install -n`

8. `poetry run game`

Enjoy our little game. We ran out of time, so much of the things we thought of couldn't be implemented.