March 2023 challenge: “In the shadows”

Shadow Parkour - Day 3: More music, planning and the new repo

Posted by PyNon on 2023/03/28 15:46

We developed all the required music, planned our sprites and started developing on our new repo. ~~I don’t think we’re gonna make it~~

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Anne - Start of day 3

Posted by siddhartha13 on 2023/03/28 14:36

First diary entry ever.

We're making a game in which a little girl goes on a picnic and gets lost in the woods, and has to find her way out. She has some light-emitting items, but for the most part, she is in the shadows...

So far we have sprites for the main character and some tiles for the background/foreground. The shadow / light mechanism also works (just using a multivariate normal to set transparency values) and we have a hp bar/GUI icon.

Next steps for us: item icons, the item bar GUI, and figuring out how to create a map / blit the appropriate map pieces.


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Tetris in Ohio - Patched up things today

Posted by BeautifulReques on 2023/03/28 11:23

The game got completed sooner than I expected, so letss go!
Anyways added a with run instructions.

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Shadow Parkour - Day 1 and 2: Planning and laying out our plans

Posted by PyNon on 2023/03/28 08:42

We didn’t start the code yet, but we started with our gameplay plans, music and our artwork is starting.

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Shadow Embiggener - Day 2 - More cohesive gameplay

Posted by Lanecrest on 2023/03/28 02:24

During the week I only have a few hours in the evening to work on this. Today I knocked out some extremely basic sprites and changed the controls up. The gameplay is now more like a shoot'em up/SHMUP, the goal is to protect your shadow as it embiggens by shooting the "shadow rays" with your energy blasts. The background also scrolls to give a better illusion for "movement" like a SHMUP. I sincerely hope I have time to have a better background made up, but the sprite is growing on me the more I look at it, haha

new gameplay

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LetsBuildAGame - Day 2: GUI and Enemy Movements

Posted by Anonymous4045 on 2023/03/28 02:10

Today we started work on the GUI screen. We added a start page and a functional settings page to map keys to what the player wants to.

We also decided to switch physics engines. Before, we were using Arcade's Platformer engine, but we decided to switch over to Pymunk so we could add in more complex abilities and functionality to the player and enemies. We also made the idle movement animations for the enemies, so when they aren't fighting, they scurry around.

All in all, we didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped, given our team's size, but I suppose it's expected with so many people being busy.

Here's a demo of the enemy pattern:

Enemy movement demo

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This is fine - Monday

Posted by yarolig on 2023/03/27 17:24

On Sunday I immediately and shamelessly start writing my remake of Thief: The Dark Project. On the step where I should setup shaders I stopped and start thinking and scrolling endless social medias...

Soon I got an idea! Remake of Thief is too ambitious. I will have beter luck with something easy and classical. Like a snake game. With shadows!

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Tetris in Ohio - Made the game compatible with theme

Posted by BeautifulReques on 2023/03/27 14:49

Well, the previous day went in all those boiler-plating, made some changes like lighting and overlay to suit with the theme. Also added a cool backstory. Also modified the previous day's logic.

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In the shadows(FPS) - !

Posted by Thespaceinvader on 2023/03/27 12:20

PyWeek has started.

I'm scared

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Anate Team - Time for some sketch!

Posted by Shyr on 2023/03/27 03:20

We finally decide to stay near the fire pit and rest for a while to plan our next step... We almost killed the person there, as we suspected he was a thief... But one of our friends stopped us, made some tea for everyone and we relaxed.. We talked with the man about his reasons to be there, he was being misterous all the time... When the night finally come, we decided to take turns patrolling the area...

But it's a story for tomorrow. Let's see what I already did for the actual game?

just a sketch and some boilerplate codes hahahaha but it's something!! It'll be simple, so I'm not in a hurry!

Sketch for my game

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