One of the hallways in the house

Phantasma's Dark House Simulator

This project was originally intended to be a horror game but a lot of the elements didn't get implemented in time and forced to make last minute cuts. Getting the title screen menu running and Navigating between room to room as as much as I can get done from a gameplay perspective.

Have fun exploring the "house".


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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 1.8
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 2.4

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


File Uploader Date
File containing the game and source code and readme inside
Phantasma 2023/04/02 18:48
One of the hallways in the house
Phantasma 2023/04/02 18:44
One of the rooms while exploring the house
Phantasma 2023/04/02 18:43

Diary Entries

End of Day 1 Update: Delayed Start

Right at the start I'm thinking either stealth game or horror game. Utilizing Pygame for this project. Nothing truly laid out yet but I should to have the basic framework of the project in the main menu completed by the end of Day2 with screenshots included.

It will at least have the following features: Start, Options, How To Play, Credits, Exit.

While I'm working on setting up the title screen/menu it I have to decide what kind of game Its going to be. Something tells me its going to be a basic 2D stealth game if anything.

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End of day 2-3 Update: Game laid out on "paper". Coding next

The next few upcoming updates will be In game screenshots. I've decided on a simple point and click horror game. The last 4 days will be committed to coding, testing and wrapping up for release.

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Long overdue Diary Update

Well....IRL got in the way again. BUT at least I have a "Minimally Viable Product" ready to go. I actually have a couple hours to go before work. I'll try to squeeze some more features until then.

One of my goals for this pyweek is to be able to produce SOMETHING besides throwing the towel due to unfortunate circumstances. This time, I think that DNF streak will be broken.

P.S. This will obviously be unfinished with lots of missing features but its playable...

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Overlooked dependency info on readme

I forgot to mention on the readme that this game uses python 3.8.

 Apologies to anyone who tried to run this on an older python version just in case.

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