None Shall Pass: Postmortem

Thank you all who played my game! I also enjoyed playing your games very much.

I was a bit too ambitious this time, but I managed to find a decent stopping point at which the game felt reasonably complete. I originally wanted to have a few different types of shadowy traps and a few different types of enemies, and you would have to activate certain traps for certain enemies, or need certain traps to be adjacent. My goal was to focus more on the "packing traps" aspect of the game and have the player try to optimize their round, but this wasn't possible with the time that I had.

That said, I'm happy with how it turned out, especially with the visuals. The game is a little complicated at first, and in Pyweeks it's really hard to have time to make a proper tutorial, but I'm glad that overall people got the hang of it. I should have put the player back in the beginning of the round when you lose, but hopefully the game is short enough so that it wasn't too problematic.

Congratulations to the team winners and everyone else who finished a game! See you next time.