March 2023 challenge: “In the shadows”

Slayer in the Shadows - Day 7

Posted by Anonymous4045 on 2023/04/02 17:14

Unfortunately, we were unable to create all the things that we wanted, so there isn't much actual gameplay. We all tried our hardest, but other events and problems got in the way. This time was really fun and we all learned a lot! Congrats to everyone who finished their games, I'll try to play and judge as many as I can. I look forward to next time!

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Shadeshaper - The end

Posted by ncrohawk on 2023/04/02 16:07

Pyweek 35 is over, and I submitted my game a little while ago. It was a wild ride, and I'm glad with what I've learned and created. Again, good luck to all participants, I can't wait to test your games! Thank you to the amazing organizers for giving us this opportunity. Until next time!

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Shadogram - Whew!

Posted by gcewing on 2023/04/02 15:59

Well, I got it working, and even managed to add a little polish. I'm calling it a success.


Nobody - The Journey

Posted by Kevin-Dono on 2023/04/02 15:47

This makes our second pyweek that we've attended, and needless to say it was an amazing experience working together to make something.

As it be, life happens, so we weren't able to meet our original goals, but we were still able to improvise to create a final product, which we're pretty satisfied with.

Looking forward to the next one!

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Chinkara goat paradise - send bugs here

Posted by speedlimit35 on 2023/04/02 14:34

Hello, you can use this diary entry to comment any bugs that are found.

We hope that you like our game!

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BurgleCast - Game uploaded

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2023/04/02 14:07

Download BurgleCast here

I had some other obligations this week, so this is one of my "small" entries. A few rough edges but I think it mostly came together in the end. Let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues. Thanks for checking it out!

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Journey To Fairy City - End of the journey

Posted by Shyr on 2023/04/02 12:51

So here we are. In the middle of the forest, with a stranger around a fire pit. During the night nothing special happens... But in the morning we don't see the stranger anymore... He has vanished but left a note, saying that we can go on our way because our hearts are pure. 

Yeaaaahh... I think that he may be blind. But that's okay, we shall go!!!! 

Where? Well... I don't remember anymore ... but somewhere along that journey we got a dragon egg too. And the dragon only likes the most Lawful good person. So only one of our group can pet that dragon... :( 

The story was cut short. So was my time hahahaahha. And with this I can announce that my """"FINAL""""" version is out. There are a lot of bugs? Of course. I will do something about it? I'll say it's **features**. 

HAHAHAH But seriously, you will find some bugs while playing. But I liked so much the idea and how I could finish it (in someway) that I'll try to make a 1.0 version someday (this one you will play here is 0.1.1). There are a lot of things I want to do, so if you want to look for it and enjoy with me, you can check the github page or this page I created for the game:
Journey to the Fairy City

Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy my game! :) 

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Shadow Boy - Game Playthrough

Posted by mit-mit on 2023/04/02 12:45

I've posted a playthrough of the game here: (contains spoilers!). Use this as a guide if you get stuck on any levels!

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The Cove - pw35 - a week of struggling

Posted by DR0ID on 2023/04/02 10:20

Day 1
Theme was announced, but had no idea what to make. I remembered to have read something about sweep algorithm to generate shadows.
Here some links:

Day 2
Starting to implement some infrastructure like scene management.
Found some resource about how the shadows can be generated. Made an implementation that worked fine with single segments.

Day 3
Found out that the implementation I had to generate the shadows had a n**2 runtime complexity and could not handle segment points on the same coordinates (which one typically has if describing a polygon by single segments). So back to field one.

Day 4
Struggling all day to implement the the sweep algorithm.

Day 5
Finally found out that I could sweep twice to setup the initial conditions. After that I had to capture all the special cases that could occur too. Took me all the time I had this day. But finally I had an implementation that was fast and could handle double points correctly.

Day 6
Implement the light effect, player steering. Also a view bounding box for the sweep algorithm. To remove visual glitches I had to split all segments that intersect the view bounding box and the box edges as well.

Day 7
Struggling to design the cove and with collision detection once again. Its not perfect but works most of the time. At the end I implemented a simple point and click capturing to generate the segments data. Polishing a bit.

Its not quite a game because there is no win nor a loose condition. So at the end its more like tech demo about lighting/shadows. After all I had fun and learned about all the details of the sweep algorithm.

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shadow monster - The Shadow Monster - Last Day

Posted by chrisyan2000 on 2023/04/02 08:21

^ took a minute to make a quick banner like every other entry of mine lol

It's my first time ever trying to draw my own sprites, hopefully they don't look too bad :(

there's a known bug where if you and enemy both die together, you'll go into negative hp

in the next battle you'll die immediately after first action and respawn with 10 hp(which happens after every death)

since it's not progression blocked I didn't patch that(also I found the bug after code writing time...)

please let me know if there's any progression blocking bug, and also any suggestions are welcomed!

ps: if the game is too confusing, feel free to play the OP version instead(where you have like 5000 hp and 1000 attack)

or you can also watch the walkthrough:, this is only one of the many ways to win

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