Well, I got it working, and even managed to add a little polish. I'm calling it a success.

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Looking forward to trying this! When I run the game, I hear the music but just see a black window. Anyone else have this issue? I'm running Python 3.10.6 and pygame 2.3.0 on Ubuntu.
What platform and OS version?
What versions of Python and PyGame?
How did you install them?

If it's MacOSX, there seem to be problems with some combinations of PyGame and OS versions.
There might be something here that will help you:

Thanks. So, Ubuntu isn't MacOSX. It's a kind of Linux. I had installed the dependencies using:

python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install pygame numpy pyopengl

And pygame in general isn't an issue for me. Other pygame games (including mine) seem to work in this venv. However, after your comment I tried a different pygame version:

pip install pygame==2.1.2

And now it works! No idea what the issue is, but I've got it now. Thanks again!