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Overall: 2.2
Fun: 1.6
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 2.5

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tacchan 2023/04/02 18:25

Diary Entries

Set up

Set up guide for Escape!!

1. download the zip file 

2. extract it 

3. cd `escape`

4. run `` to check system

5. install poetry if not present (follow the steps in the output of

6. `poetry shell`

7. `poetry install -n`

8. `poetry run game`

Enjoy our little game. We ran out of time, so much of the things we thought of couldn't be implemented. 


How the final game was supposed to be?

The game, when the shaders were working on Windows

(The game when the shaders were working on Windows but not on Mac)

What is missing?

The game is missing it's key element, we are missing a torch. The map was supposed to be totally dark and the player holds a torch to light up the areas. We tried shaders for this but couldn't come up with a bug-free shader. 

Secondly, we are missing the actual game mechanics. There's a PR implementing some of that in our repo, still unresolved. We ran out of time. The levels would have included a set of objects - the chests (contains the key to next door), the batteries (to keep the torch lit up) and a bunch of letters lying around for touching the game lore. We're missing all of that.

We also lack the character designs. The player is supposed to a normal guy, not someone holding a gun. The enemies were supposed to be in white aprons and such or in security uniform, as they are doctors or asylum guards... not some green slime blocks.

Lastly there are some bugs that could be fixed if given the time.

* The restart button after game over doesn't work.

* The inventory shows previously equipped items after restarting a new game.

* The enemies can pass through walls and after chasing they can return to their patrolling routes but often they get stuck.

* There is no Level clear system.