Title screen

The Shady Wood

Help Anne find her way out of the cursed Shady Wood forest. If she becomes too scared, she'll be turned to stone and be lost forever!

Use the arrow keys to navigate the forest and the C, F, and S keys to use items. The items don't respawn, so be sure to ration them if you get lost.

The forest is also procedurally generated, so you'll get a different map everytime you play!

Good luck and enjoy!

edit: If you try to run `run_game.py` and it gives an error like `Python was not found`, try removing the shebang on line 1 of `run_game.py`. (Thanks Lanecrest!)



siddhartha gautama
Presented by Itsbailey-X3525

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.8
Fun: 2.8
Production: 4.6
Innovation: 3.9

7% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
Title screen
siddhartha13 2023/04/01 23:57
Source ZIP v1.1.4
siddhartha13 2023/04/01 23:54
Executable v1.1.4
siddhartha13 2023/04/01 23:52
Snail coming out from Anne's location
siddhartha13 2023/03/31 21:46
Snail coming out from center of tile
siddhartha13 2023/03/31 21:46
Anne holding a candle up for light
siddhartha13 2023/03/31 04:42
WIP - HP + gameover screen
siddhartha13 2023/03/30 01:18
Start of day 3
siddhartha13 2023/03/28 14:36

Diary Entries

Start of day 3

First diary entry ever.

We're making a game in which a little girl goes on a picnic and gets lost in the woods, and has to find her way out. She has some light-emitting items, but for the most part, she is in the shadows...

So far we have sprites for the main character and some tiles for the background/foreground. The shadow / light mechanism also works (just using a multivariate normal to set transparency values) and we have a hp bar/GUI icon.

Next steps for us: item icons, the item bar GUI, and figuring out how to create a map / blit the appropriate map pieces.


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Day 5

Made the game music for the main menu and for in-game. Listened to it on repeat and didn't hate it. That'll work for me!

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End of day 5

Almost all of our assets are done! Only 2-3 items missing. Thanks @Lemonadehead!

As for code - this is still kinda far. I'm starting to have to prioritize what needs to make it into the final game vs what doesn't. The big missing items are all the dialog boxes (for which I already have a system, but it'll have to be extended) and misc sounds (music is already done).

Tomorrow, I'm working on one last effect animation (timeboxed), then moving on to dialog soon after. If I get through both dialog and the misc sounds tomorrow then there's one last item effect to implement (which will be a little complicated - it has its own AI!) and item pickups.

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End of Day 6: Just wrapping up the final pieces

99% of the artwork, animations, music, sound items, and story writing is done! Now just doing little odds and ends to wrap up all the assets. I spent way more time on the title animation than I probably needed too, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

The game itself is nearly complete as well! Thanks to @siddhartha13 for all the tiny adjustments to improve the look of and balance the gameplay. All that's left really are bug fixes and playtesting.

It's crazy to look back and realize just how much we were able to accomplish over only a week. It's been really fun!

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Dawn of the final day - 9.5 hours remain

All the features are implemented, all the assets are there, all that's missing is bugfixes and playtesting / balancing. There's a couple straggler items on the wishlist but with 9.5h left I'm not sure we can get to them.

SUPER fun game jam, thanks everyone for making this a great experience!

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