Shadow jump

a score based platformer game where the player jumps up a set of blocks and tries to avoid hitting the hidden enemies


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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3
Innovation: 3.3

7% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
The game
Hammish47 2023/04/01 12:04

Diary Entries

Idk what I'm doing

this is my ever game jam so I hope I'm doing things right I definitely registered quite late I thought I was supposed to register on the end date 

I hope my game fits well with the theme and is actually enjoyable part of me thinks the enemies will make it not fun/ complicated

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my Idea and current progress

I was originally going to have the platforms invisible and you could only see the one your on but I decided I'm going to have enemies that you can only see when you press a key (they are hidden in the shadows

I currently have all the physics working mechanics like:

when you're in the air your Y velocity increases

when you are about to hit a platform your y pos gets increases by the space between the player and the platform and then the velocity is set to 0

when the player falls past the screen the "dead" variable is set to true

and when the enemies hitbox collides with the players hitbox the dead variable is set to true

I need to:

add sound 

add a score counter (I currently have a Ypos variable which just measures how much the camera has moved up)

make it so that when you die can can click to restart
and get some sleep because it is 11:59pm

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I hate paths

just spent like 3 hours trying to get my run_game,py script to work 
the problem is your working directory is Windows/system32 not the path of the location of your script so I could load an of my assets

I had to use pathlib to get the path of my assets folder and then load my sprites from there

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I think thats it

I have finished everything I think I'm ready to submit

its been really fun participating in this jam, while my game isn't amazing I had fun making it and I hope to do more game jams in the future

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