Follow your pathway!

Shadow Paths

I've been learning Python for several years now, but am just now learning how to make games in it. As an aspiring game developer, I took up the challenge immediately. While my games aren't very good right now, a lot of work was put into them, and I'm excited to make more!

You know that feeling you get when you have to turn off the lights in the kitchen, and then run back to your room in the dark? Yeah, this game is kinda like that. Make your pathway in the daytime, and then navigate it in the nighttime to earn points. Careful though, the farther you travel, the faster you get, and if you go off the path, you have to start from the beginning. Use the shop to spend your points on things like half speed, half size, and even point orbs.

Clarifications - This game uses the keys WASD for navigating the menu and making pathways. E is for interacting with the menu and for switching time to night. Point orbs are supposed to disappear in the daytime, you need to memorize where they are and make your path accordingly. Your goal is always the center of the blue dot, not just touching it. Point orbs need to be fully engulfed by the player to count.


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Overall: 3.0
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 3.7

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Follow your pathway!
TheEPICArt 2023/04/01 22:28
Make a pathway!
TheEPICArt 2023/04/01 22:27
Extract and run the .py file with pygame installed, and it will start up the game!
TheEPICArt 2023/04/01 22:25