Hiding in the shadows

Shadow Heist

Shadow Heist: Use the shadows to sneak past the guards and complete your mission in metabooks datacenter.

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  • If you get  "type=raw_object["type"],KeyError: 'type'"  error, update your arcade version to 2.6.16 or higher

Cat Burglers



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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 2.9

16% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


File Uploader Date
Hiding in the shadows
Jeb 2023/04/02 20:27
Shadow Heist by The Cat Burglars
Jeb 2023/04/02 20:19

Diary Entries

Changing Engines

Good Afternoon Fellow Contestants,

The first 15 hours of PyWeek have been a rollercoaster of emotions. We started off strong with ursina, hoping to try something new and innovative. But as the day wore on, we realized that ursina was holding us back more than it was helping us.

We had a tough decision to make. Do we stick with Ursina and hope it gets better? Or do we switch to the trusty old Arcade, which has helped us win awards in the past?

After much deliberation, we made the call to switch back to Arcade. It wasn't an easy decision, and part of us is still curious about what Ursina could have offered. But we knew we had to do what was best for our team and our game.

So here we are, halfway through day 1, back in the familiar territory of Arcade. It feels like coming home after a long journey. We know what to expect, and we know we can deliver a solid game with this framework.

But we can't get complacent. PyWeek is a marathon, not a sprint. We have six more days of hard work ahead of us, and we can't afford to waste a minute.

So let's buckle down, team. We've got this. We'll make something great, something that will make us proud.


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