PyWeek 29 challenge

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Temporary Name

Entrant: yif

A very cool game

First PyWeek of 2020! I've been so bored, and I haven't done a lot of programming. Ready to get back to it. Super excited!!!

RIP Python 2

Entrant: OrionDark7

Woke From Hibernation

Open source maintainer, fresh back from a sabbatical looking to have some fun. Maintain pursuedpybear, speak at various conferences on game making, mostly here to put ppb through it's paces.

I'm a generalist and can do a bit of any task. Would be happy to coach folks new to game programming, especially if you bring a specific interest or related skill.

Entrant: pathunstrom  (Join this team?)


Individual participant. First time doing PyWeeks. :)

Entrant: stipe95



Entrant: speedlimit35


Entrant: johnny_mck


most likely rts game

Entrant: chrisyan2000

Let's Go

Father and son team. Looking forward to another great week of hacking on a game.

Team: dowski, wooster


I very likely won't have time the week of, but I missed it every other time, so I'm gonna try something. :)

Entrant: catsanddo


This is the entry page for alpacalama

Entrant: clingsz  (Join this team?)

A sick game

A Game Dev Group that speaks Python. Waiting for the Next PyWeek. Looking for people who know Pygame and OOP.

Team: tamwile, MysteryCoder456, jtiai  (Join this team?)