PyWeek 29 challenge: “The butterfly effect”

The PyWeek 29 challenge has finished! Time to try out all those wonderful games!

The dates of this challenge are are 00:00 UTC March 22, 2020 to 00:00 UTC March 29, 2020.

Thursday 2020/02/06Pre-registration open
Sunday 2020/03/15Theme voting commences
Sunday 2020/03/22Challenge start
Sunday 2020/03/29Challenge end, judging underway
Sunday 2020/04/12Judging closes, winners announced

Recent awards:

Muncher Award for Educational Story
Presented by encukou to Journey of the Monarch

The Dinasour Award for Most Amusing Typo
Presented by encukou to The Wandering Planet

Best Ant-Man origin story
Presented by encukou to Queen of the Hill

Best Heritage Eyewear Trophy
Presented by encukou to Miranda the Lepidopterist

Presented by xmzhang1 to Queen of the Hill

Presented by xmzhang1 to ButterFling

Presented by xmzhang1 to When the Wing Flaps

Presented by xmzhang1 to gcewing

Presented by xmzhang1 to Go forth and Butterfly

Presented by xmzhang1 to Baby Unicorp