PyWeek 29 challenge: “The butterfly effect”

Nothing Suspicious Here - Mac and Linux File Path Issue fix

Posted by chrisyan2000 on 2020/04/06 04:16

encukou just let me know that the source code doesn't work on Linux or mac because of the file path!

I just uploaded another version that replaced every path with os.path.join on google drive here:

You can also watch the youtube video here:

Sorry for the trouble!

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Magnetic Pictures - If you get stuck in 'Tech magnets are adjustable'

Posted by DR0ID on 2020/04/04 17:53

This is a bit of a miss leading level. Hint: you have to place the Techmagnet at the right place and adjust its strength to fix it. Hint: Just try some higher values.

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Caterpillar Effect - Windows fix

Posted by encukou on 2020/04/03 23:19

I don't have a Windows machine available, so I didn't test there. Turns out that it doesn't work there.
As the rules say – if it crashes, it's on me, so you can mark it "Failed to run". But if you'd still like to play the game on Windows, a fixed version is available on GitHub (link to archive).

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Miranda the Lepidopterist - The Three-Act Structure and game jam games

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2020/04/02 19:19

Here's some thoughts I had while writing the story for my entry. I'm no expert on this topic so take it for what it's worth. And please correct me or elaborate if you know better!

The three-act structure is a classic storytelling technique most common in motion pictures. I think it also works great for games with a narrative that are, roughly speaking, less than 4 hours long. (Although some Zelda games manage it while being much longer.)

I certainly don't think that PyWeek games need a narrative, but if you want to include one, this structure matches up well with how the player typically encounters mechanics. Essentially, Act 1 is the tutorial or the introduction of the major mechanics, Act 2 is the main gameplay where you introduce variations on the mechanics or more involved challenges, and Act 3 is the final dungeon, boss, challenge, etc. Act 2 can be open and have separate branches, but typically you bring everything together for Act 3. richard's PyWeek 12 entry came with an excellent plot diagram that shows this off visually.

In terms of the narrative, there's a plot shift, also known as a plot point or a reversal, between Act 1 and Act 2, and another between Act 2 and Act 3. These can be twists, where some secret is revealed (e.g. the Act 1 reversal in The Matrix is a twist), but they don't have to be. Within each of the three acts, the protagonists have a different immediate goal. The Act 1 goal can be low stakes, vague, abstract, or mysterious, but Act 2's goal should be clearer, and Act 3's goal should be very clear and concrete (e.g. escape or defeat the boss). Often the act change coincides with a change in location (e.g. every Star Wars movie).

You'll often see it said that Act 1 needs an early inciting incident or call to adventure (e.g. The Wizard of Oz, Jurassic Park), and that's a good idea but IMHO it's okay to just use Act 1 to introduce the status quo of the world and characters, and let the plot events really start with the shift at the end of Act 1 (e.g. The Lion King, Shaun of the Dead, Back to the Future).

Some more general guidelines. Act 2 is the longest, about twice as long as each of the other acts. In my experience this means moving as much exposition as possible out of Act 1 into Act 2. Introduce characters early, ideally in Act 1, even if they're not important to the plot until later. Acts 1 and 2 can take place over days or years, but Act 3 generally happens in a single day, or even in real time.

Again, that's only one way to do things, but I've found it useful, especially this time.

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Flutter - Game Submitted

Posted by mit-mit on 2020/04/01 03:46

Oops, just realised I didn't make a post for this :). Please reply if you notice any bugs or have any feedback!

Also, I've recorded a playthrough the game if interested and want to see the whole experience in one go :)

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pollen. - retrospective.

Posted by rdb on 2020/03/31 10:35

Well, this is it.  Not what we intended it to be, but that's how these things go.  We couldn't really come up with a good idea about the butterfly effect, so we instead chose to make a game about butterflies, taking inspiration from the PS3 game Flower.

As-is, the game has no failure state, so arguably isn't really a "game".  The original plan was to have additional mechanics, such as being chased by a swarm of wasps, needing to avoid birds and spider webs, and having different flower colours give different effects.  These were ultimately not implemented; I did not have much energy this week and felt overwhelmed with the challenge of implementing all those elements well.  In the end, we decided to simply make this about introducing spring and "waking up" nature by having the vegetation come to life through the gameplay.  Unfortunately, that means a lot of sound effects, models and animations ended up going unused.  Some others, like the chase music, were reused as "fast music".

Nonetheless, I'm happy about the things we did produce.  In particular, the grass, which I think is visually effective and probably the highlight of this game's visual style.  I may end up making a library to render this type of grass, so that others can use it in their games in the future.

Performance is a bit of an issue.  I suspect that most computers will be able to run the shaders, but the game does require a decent CPU.  This is due to lack of time for optimization.  I hope we won't end up getting too many DNW's because of this.

I'm grateful to my teammate, who created all the models, music and soundtrack while also working on his own entry.  I think the soundtrack is amazing and I love the UI sound effects in particular.  I'm also grateful to the authors of the wecs and panda3d-simplepbr libraries.  And of course, to all other PyWeek participants for another great challenge, and lordmauve for organising it.

I'm looking forward to the next PyWeek!  I'm excited about trying out all the other entries, I see some really cool ones among them.

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puggu - Issue with sound on ubuntu ffmpeg

Posted by pillitoka on 2020/03/29 23:33

Some of you reported an error with sound files on ubuntu related to ffmpeg.

If the error is only with game-over sound, please try commenting out the following lines.

game/ line 148 

gameModules/ line 57. 

If the trouble is with all sound files, comment out the following. 

game/ lines 71 to 75 and line 148 

gameModules/ line 20 

gameModules/ lines 29, 35 

gameModules/ lines 93, 98, 107, 110 

gameModules/ line28 

gameModules/ lines 52 to 59 

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Journey of the Monarch - Final Entry Uploaded!

Posted by dowski on 2020/03/29 19:26

That's a wrap for us! Our game was basically made in two days and it shows. We (me and my 14 year-old) had so much fun doing it it doesn't matter though!

My son did more of the coding this time than in PyWeek 28, and it was cool to see him getting more comfortable with Python. The source code for our game is a big hack job though (we're both complicit in that), but it gets the job done.

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BadWing - What a Week!

Posted by kfields on 2020/03/29 17:16

It's been a great week.  The game turned out pretty well, I just wish it could have been more original.  I think I'm more creative in the software department than the game department.  I can live with that. :)

And then there's the fact the game has only two identical levels that barely contain anything!  The time I had set aside for content creation was eaten up by the desire to create a complete game and bug fixing.  I had a whole set of issues when it came time to load the next level.

But overall it's been a pretty amazing week!  I learned soooooooooooooooo much!!!

I look forward to playing all the games that were created for the competition.  They look pretty far out!


Flappy Butterfly - Another late start this time

Posted by gcewing on 2020/03/29 06:22

I started writing this on Thursday, which was the first day of the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand. Life is strange here at the moment, but the silver lining is that it's given me more time to work on my PyWeek entry!

I didn't get much time for adding content, but I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. I managed to get all the essential elements I wanted into it. Like the life of a butterfly, it's short but sweet.

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