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Feed your eggs and grow butterflies.

Beware of snakes.
Dont starve.


Presented by xmzhang1

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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.8
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 2.9

11% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 8


File Uploader Date
game screenshot
pillitoka 2020/03/29 00:23
Final puggu game
pillitoka 2020/03/29 00:17

Diary Entries

Issue with sound on ubuntu ffmpeg

Some of you reported an error with sound files on ubuntu related to ffmpeg.

If the error is only with game-over sound, please try commenting out the following lines.

game/ line 148 

gameModules/ line 57. 

If the trouble is with all sound files, comment out the following. 

game/ lines 71 to 75 and line 148 

gameModules/ line 20 

gameModules/ lines 29, 35 

gameModules/ lines 93, 98, 107, 110 

gameModules/ line28 

gameModules/ lines 52 to 59 

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Super fun

First ever pyweek. Had a great time making the game. Learnt many things. Finished in time. Enjoy playing it.


Getting there

Had a lot of fun building it.

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Added movement and sound

learnt how to add movement to player and objects in the game. sound is now working.

game idea being refined.

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Setting up

started with an idea for the game.

learnt pyglet basics. wrote some code. set up a git repo.

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