Super fun

First ever pyweek. Had a great time making the game. Learnt many things. Finished in time. Enjoy playing it.

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I'm getting a pyglet error. I'm not very familiar with pyglet or ffmpeg. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm on Ubuntu. avformat_open_input in ffmpeg_open_filename returned an error opening file /home/christopher/Downloads/pyweek/29/puggu/game/../resources/sounds/gameOver_screamstudio.wav Error code: -1094995529

Output file #0 does not contain any stream


Looks like the middle of my comment got dropped somehow. The bottom message is part of the output from running "ffmpeg ../resources/sounds/gameOver_screamstudio.wav". The sox "play" command plays the file fine though.
Hi cosmologicon. Sorry that you are having trouble. We do not have ubuntu to test it. We ran it on windows 10.

It is also our fist time with pyglet. From what you describe it looks like pyglet is having trouble decoding this file.

If the problem is with the game over sound file only, try commenting out the following lines:
in puggu --> game --> gameModules -->, line 57
in puggu --> game -->, line 148

Then this sound is neither loaded nor played. Hopefully you wont reach game over and wont miss it!
Can you please let us know if that worked?

If you have trouble with other sounds also, let me know. I will list out all the places where the sounds are played in the code.

I updated the game description entry to list out all the places in code where sounds are either being loaded or played. If you have trouble with other sounds, please comment out those lines.