March 2022 challenge: “My evil twin”

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Game from the team core for pyweek 33

Code: Parralax, cat_or_not

Music: cat_or_not

The player is trying to escape while being followed by his evil twin

Game Controls

Movement - ASWD/Arrow keys

Restart Level - R key

Level Editor (WIP)

In the main menu press l to get to the level editor

The level editor generates a edited.txt that can be renamed to level{num}.txt

Level Controls

0-9 - select a block

left click - place selected block

l - exit editor

y - save the level

IMPORTANT you need python 3.10 and pygame 2.2 for the source version

Team: catornot, Intense

The Two Within You

  • — Download and extract the files from above zip. Run TheTwoWithinYou.exe to run the game. has the majority of code
A Puzzle Game based where every few turns your evil half takes over the control of your character and tries to lose.

Relevance to Theme

Sometimes the phrase 'My Evil Twin' is used to as a metaphor for the evil half  you. I have based my game on that interpretation.

Game Play

  • Use arrow keys to move your character.
  • Get to the Flag, avoid the Hole.
  • After every few turns ‘The Evil Twin’ takes over the control of your character and tries to go into the hole. The number of turns for the switch and switch-back is given in the right bottom.
  • The number of turns for ‘The Good Twin’ to turn into ‘The Evil Twin’ and vice versa are fixed for a level (however those two may not be same).
  • The Evil Twin when trying to go to the Hole will try to try to reduce the longer among the horizontal and the vertical distances. Ties are broken Randomly. That is to say if the Hole is 1 unit North and 2 units East, The Evil Twin will go east > east or north > hole.  Check out the screenshot which is somewhere on the screen. If you don't get this don't worry just start the game and you'll figure it out.
  • All levels are accessible as of now.
  • The Evil Twin uses ‘cheats’ which can allow it to get to places ‘The Good Twin’ cannot.

In most levels you have to predict and use the Evil Twin's Movement to get to the Flag.

The completed levels are marked with a tick and saved when you load it again.

Feel free to report bugs and stuff

Entrant: SiddBourbaki

Menace of the Streets

Today is Mr. Mayor's birthday today and YOU are invited! But something bad is coming. Maybe it is his EVIL TWIN...... What will happen????? 


Press Left or Right once to move lanes. Press Up to disturb houses and speed up. Press Space to continue. Other more specific controls are said in the game.


Python3 and Pygame (I used Python 3.8.8 and Pygame 2.0.1)


Entrant: speedlimit35


cosh²(x) - sinh²(x) = 1#0107 ping me if my game isn't running

Make sure you are running it on python 3.9

hey I am looking to make a game in arcade or pygame, I will probably do this solo might change my mind later. The chance for me to complete this game jam is very less as I have exams on 27th lol.

Entrant: BeautifulReques

Meaw vs Mrrr

  • — This is actually my first game. The idea is really simple: there are 2 groups of cats. The first group is the nice one and listens to where you tell them to go, but the other does the oposite. Your task is to catch as many fish using both grups.
Hi, I'm Teo. This is the game I ve created. What is it about? Well, you own an animal shelter for cats. As you ve realised there are 2 types of cats: the good ones that do as you tell them and the evil ones that do exacly the oposite. To separate them you put the good cats in the first cage and the evil ones in the second. Your job now is to help the eat as many fish as posible without geting out of the cages. Good luck!

Entrant: Teo

Deadly Doubles

Team: ItsMeAlfie0, tazz4843

Entwined Red / Entwined Blue

A pair of twin path-based puzzle games with a secret.

(I'm naming this on the Pyweek page "Entwined Red / Entwined Blue" to avoid confusion with the other "Entwined" game.)

Entrant: Tee


  • — This is a fun game like "egg-kissing". This story is about two brothers tasters. Jim and James are professional tasters, but they work in completely different social strata ...) Who will you be? A rich sommelier or a homeless man in the trash?

Entrant: aleksan149


Entrant: Nikrat



This is a puzzle game, the levels are easy (8 in total), but if you got stuck you can watch the game play video.The goal is to find the 'portals' to get out of all the levels. The problem is that you need to get out together with your twin and what is worse, you twin is evil so he will move in your opposite direction. Will you be able to find the way out and escape with your evil twin?

Game Play

How to run:

Command line to run the game: python

You can change the resolution in the


Python 3.9.1 (The game was only tested on this version)

pygame 2.1.2

How to Play

At first you will see the title screen, press any key to continue.

You will see the menu screen with the options (Use the mouse to press the buttons):

  • Play : Start the game. Continue game if it has already started.
  • Reset Level : Start the current level from the beginning.
  • Level Select: You can choose the level that you want to play. (Only if you already unlock the level)
  • Make Level : You can make your own level (More info below). This was for me, to easily make the levels.
  • Quit Game : Quit the game. The game saves your progress.

Play Mode:

Your objective is to reach the goal (Red twin to the red circle, blue twin to the blue circle)

Move controls: UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrows or WASD

ESC or QUIT (window button) : open menu screen if you are in the game, quit the game if you are in the menu screen.

When reach the goal press SPACE or 'e' to continue.

At the end of the level, you will see a title screen with some story/hints. Press any key to continue.

Make Level Mode:

Use the mouse to select the tile.

Use the mouse wheel to select the object to add.

Right click to add the selected object.

Left click to remove the object in the selected tile.

Press SPACE to save the level. (It will print the file name in the console)

Press 'r' to load the last level.

You can play in this mode, but you can't win the level, also there are some bugs playing in this mode. You need to add both twins, if not it crashes.

Each time to enter this mode it resets.


All the assets are made by me.

For the sprites/images were made in MS Paint.

For the music and sounds were made in BeepBox (

(I have no idea what I was doing with for the music, is my first time trying to make music, sorry if your ears blew up)

Thanks for Playing

Entrant: RicBin


Entrant: PyDude


Use WASD and ARROWS to move.
Press ESC to quit the game. (Sorry, no restore and no confimation, handle with care!)
NOTE: You might have to move or maximize your window before refreshing starts (depending on window manager) on Wayland and X11. Forgot about this issue.
NOTENOTE: If you have a gamepad plugged in and want to play with the keyboard, unplug it. Otherwise play with gamepad.

Entrant: zwerver


Help Goob get to the coin! But watch out, his evil brother Boog will be trying to stop you with his spike traps.

Use the arrow keys to move him and his brother around.


For Windows, I built the game using pyinstaller if you don't have an interpreter installed.

To run using Python, install the dependencies from requirements.txt. A venv is recommended.

This game requires Python >=3.10 to run. (Can be played on 3.9, thanks Gaming32, but version in needs to be changed)

pip install -r requirements.txt

Or, if you want to, you can use poetry:

poetry install --no-dev
poetry run python

Art, Sound, and Font credits:

Entrant: AM2i9


Made by actual twins:

Squawylaous: programming (the evil twin)

Lian_lastname: design (also the evil twin)

Team: Squawylaous, Lian_lastname

Mirror Mirror

When Commander Leto receives a letter from the Prince of the Snailfish, she discovers that the infamous criminal stealing all of the stars in the galaxy is none other than a version of herself from another dimension! Can she retrieve the stars before her evil twin escapes with them and restore balance to the universe?

Team: Cheeki, apple, R-Prime

Midday Shootout

Hi, all! This is my first time at PyWeek. Looking to have a great time and learn quite a few things. I am going to be using Pygame Zero to make the game as I am still not a very experienced developer. However, I am determined to make a fun game.


Fight to the death with an evil android version of you in a gunfight. Instructions for playing the game can be found under the HELP section in the game's main menu. You can find more information about required dependencies and known issues (and possible fixes) in the README file. I hope you enjoy my game! Have fun.

You can get the source code here.

Entrant: ProfessorCode

The Epic of Goat

The Epic of Goat
The Man and his best goat are minding their own business, when suddenly a god appears and gives them a mission. Will the duo succeed? Play this game to find out more...

Check the game's Website for
  • Videos
  • Instructions
  • Daily progress
  • Game ideas
  • Final thoughts...
Check game Trailer video!

Dear Game Tester,
  • You can test either bin or source version v1.1. They are the same version of the game.
  • Don't run code as adminstrator, it will crash. Some arcade audio stuff.
  • If you run exe, antivirus may yell at it, as it is exe from unknown source and not signed.
  • If you find bugs, have any guestions or just want to give feedback, you can tag us at pyweek channel or join our Discord.
  • Want to unlock all levels and weapons?
    Change text inside
    resources/gamedata.json (may be generated in first run, so if it doesn't exist: make it yourself or run game once)
    {"coins": 5000, "leveldata": {"1": {"score": 0, "passed": 0, "locked": 0}, "2": {"score": 0, "passed": 0, "locked": 0}, "3": {"score": 0, "passed": 0, "locked": 0}, "4": {"score": 0, "passed": 0, "locked": 0}, "5": {"score": 0, "passed": 0, "locked": 0}, "6": {"score": 0, "passed": 0, "locked": 0}}, "loadout": {"Revolver": {"lvl": 1}, "Rifle": {"lvl": 1}, "Shotgun": {"lvl": 1}, "RPG": {"lvl": 1}}, "story": {"0": 1, "1": 1, "2": 1, "3": 1, "4": 1, "5": 1, "6": 1}}


Team: memehunter, Jeb, MrTanoshii, Krzysztof, RikP, Catto

Sibling Strife

High-Stakes RPG

Ever since joining the high school basketball team, your twin brother's dominance on the courts has put you under his shadow. Overwhelmed by feelings of jealousy, you man up and take action. What will result from this fated confrontation? The rest is in your hands. Choose wisely.

Entrant: Apex

Attack of the Killer Twins

Attack of the Killer Twins

In this game you fight off pairs of evil twins! Each level gets increasingly difficult. Have fun comparing your high scores with your friends!


Simply run the! You don't even need to install any dependencies, but the PyOpenGL-accelerate package is highly recommended.


Button Action
Space Jump
Left click Shoot
Escape Pause game and free mouse
W/A/S/D Move around
r Begin game, kill yourself (depends on the situation)
F11 Toggle fullscreen
+ and - Cycle the color scheme
g Toggle freecam (development mode only)
Development mode

You can turn on development mode (Freecam + OpenGL error checking) by setting DEVELOPMENT in my_evil_twin/ to True.

Entrant: Gaming32

WHY my twin

  • — this game consists of 3 short levels, i hope everyone enjoys it
Making my first game for a jam.

Tested on pyhton version: 3.10.1

Entrant: Bladestar

Evil twin KABOOOM!

This was quite cool pyweek once again. We finished in time, but then could not upload due to some server down time. Luckily there is the upload period after finish time.

Description from the README:

"Your evil twin got out...somehow. It's a mystery. And anyhow, you need to back burner that 'cause right now he is on a mad spree to mess up your neighborhood in the spirit of messing up stuff! Lest anyone mistake you for him, and come after you for his misdeeds, you'd better get a handle on this pronto."

Please see for details on setup, playing, and cheating if you must.

The game has 10 levels, plus a bonus outro level. The first few levels are super easy, designed to introduce the game mechanics. Difficulty then ramps up quickly. The levels are short, totaling about 10 minutes of gameplay assuming you don't get terminally stuck on the hard levels. If you do get stuck, there are SPOILERS in the code (see towards the end of for leads) and you can force the game settings to skip to the next level.

Have fun! Let us know how you liked the game. If you dislike our game just have an evil twin, too, and you might be him or her. :)

Team: DR0ID, gummbum

Gnorw time

Gnorw Time

A time reversal game conceptualized by nopeless

You adventure deep dungeons in search of an old timepiece

Legend has it that the timepiece can control the flow of time and reverse the laws of physics.

At last, you finally find the timepiece and put your hands on it.

WHAT? The timepiece is summoning something? What is it?

Something walks close to you. It looks like you. You try to say hi, but it doesn't respond.

In a malignant laugh it steals the timepieces


You need to stop this. You need to find all 7 timepieces and restore the flow of time

Or else...

Team: nopeless, tacchan


We, Team SnakeDawg 🐍(predicted winners of the PyWeek 33) are made up of experienced Python developers as well as new and inexperienced programmers who are learning how to program by working as a team. We are looking for passionate python developers who are keen on working as a team. We are leaning towards making a complex 2D game using pygame in order to challenge our competitors.

We empathize with beginner programmers, hence we would like to invite you to join and learn alongside our fellow teammates. Join, Learn and Code!!! 

```python -m venv .venv```





or(Windows Powershell):


```[Click Yes in VSC]``

```python -m pip install -r requirements.txt```

and/or just:

```pip install -r requirements.txt```

Then finally to run the game:

```python src```

Team: psudiname, hireshBrem, That1Guy, nopeless, Korki, taellinglin, contempl8, tacchan

Quantum Entanglement

He was once the most respected figure in all of particle physics: until the day he went too far and proposed a way to harness infinite energy. Shunned by his academic peers, the professor starts to experiment in his basement until one day things go wrong and his light and dark energies and split into two inter-connected beings. Can the professor guide the good side of his spirit to re-join his personalities, rebuild his scientific credibility and save humanity?

Made by Team MYCTL!

Requires: Pygame (tested on 2.0.2)

Game Playing Notes:

  • Move the players with the arrow keys
  • Collect the crystals!
  • Don't let the professor's evil side touch anything!

Game Playthrough:

Team: mit-mit, Lani-Skyy, cfugs, yudjinn, Timberlake1



read the "Run the game" section :)
The red circle is the range of what you can steal,
The green circle is your twin, do not go in the range of that circle,
you'll get caught by your twin if you do that.
Have fun!

please DM me in discord (aph#8103) or ping me in #pyweek if you encounter any issues, or do not know how to play, I should be able to guide you if I'm smart enough to understand the problem (most likely no)


if you get FileNotFoundError, please modify the source! I've made a silly typo
please visit the following link, thanks!'s section! 

Entrant: aph


  • — The final zip file containing every game file!
Just participating for fun and to learn new things about Game Development! 

Entrant: Hunter2809


Team: sbcars, CodinJo, Red



1. unzip the file
2. open a terminal (windows terminal is preferred if you're using Windows)
3. cd to the `wink` folder
4. install the requirements via `pip install -r requirements.txt`
5. `python src`
(sorry if this is unclear, I wrote this at 12:15 am, if you encounter any issues running, DM ME!)
have fun! 😉

The EVIL TWIN of wordle

please DM me in discord (aph#8103) or ping me in #pyweek if you encounter any issues, or do not know how to play, I should be able to guide you if I'm smart enough to understand the problem (most likely no).


Entrant: aph

Two Day Escapade

One epic team of epic devs doing epic things for hopefully epic reasons :D.

In short, we're epic.

Team: Snoggy, Kevin-Dono

On the Nature of Reflections

Version 2 is recommended. It contains a workaround for later versions of pygame. For more details and to report bugs see here.

You play a theoretical physicist who is transported to a realm where he may explore the nature of reflections. Move mirrors to align lines of sight so that you and your reflection may work together.

How it fits the theme: the physicist sees his reflection as his evil twin, countering his every move.

Unfortunately I didn't have all week this time, so it's not my best work. There are 8 quick stages, with the last one being very optional. Expect 5-10 minutes of gameplay. If you get stuck at any point, hold Shift for a tip, and skip any stage you don't want to play!

Entrant: Cosmologicon


A quick strategic shooter with a clean neon look.

You and your evil twin's minds have been entwined in one mad experiment!

Fight against your twin's evil allies to gain points and to survive

Contact me on Discord or Github to report bugs or just chat

Discord: Blueish#4256


Controls, rules, etc. are explained in the README.txt file.

Entrant: Blueish


A game for pyweek 33

Entrant: Krubble

Super Shooter

  • — 2nd Final submission, should include compatibility with python 3.8
Your evil twin has taken over the world! You must stop him. He has trapped you in the sky, with monsters to stop you from thwarting him! Do you have what it takes to escape?

Entrant: Anonymous4045


we are cat devs

we do things \o/

Team: Dev_Squid, Oreo, brad90four, Evorage, Nipa_dev, Frontogenesis, AbooMinister, Kronifer, RishTheFish, ItIsAllObjects


One lad. A day late. First Game Jam.

I have learnt that I am not good at managing time or juggling a weekend job, uni, and a game jam! So here is a very meh version of my original idea. With the twin theme added in as an afterthought because I wasted 4 days on a damn shader that I had to re-write anyway! 

Entrant: DragonMoffon

My Evil Twin: Save the Critters!

A team entry by jnruan, jttaufa, scott and maybe others.

PyWeek Mar 2022

By Tepid Lemons.

Something about an Evil Twin and Critters.

Save the critters with your beam of light before your evil twin takes them! Your light beam

when pointed at a critter long enough will save them!

Finding it hard to see? Aim your beam of light around the map to temporarily clear the fog!

We didn't have time to properly do great graphics or maps - but see if you can save more

critters than the twin in this small demo!


`WASD`: Move player, Select Menu Items

`ENTER`: Confirm selection

`Mouse`: Move player facing

`Mouse Left Click`: Turn on light beam

Install and Run

`pip install -r requirements.txt` and then run game with `python`. Game requires Python 3.8+

Team: scott, jttofu, jnruan

Unknown yet

Not much to see here

Team: ano002, NufNuf