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Menace of the Streets

Today is Mr. Mayor's birthday today and YOU are invited! But something bad is coming. Maybe it is his EVIL TWIN...... What will happen????? 


Press Left or Right once to move lanes. Press Up to disturb houses and speed up. Press Space to continue. Other more specific controls are said in the game.


Python3 and Pygame (I used Python 3.8.8 and Pygame 2.0.1)





accurate character art
Presented by Apex

fast and furious
Presented by BeautifulReques

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Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.5
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 3.5

Respondents: 13


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title screen
speedlimit35 2022/03/26 19:32
the game
speedlimit35 2022/03/26 19:29

Diary Entries

day 1–2

This was not a theme I thought would win so I brainstormed ideas for the first day.

On the second day, I began making the game. I am kind of rusty because I have not done this in a year! I hope I will not run out of time.

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day 3

I have become stuck. There is a part in my code where I would like to change the parameters of my sprite object rect. But, my sprite object is not inside the game loop so the parameters can never be updated or something like that. Hopefully I figure this out soon.

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day 4–5

Wrote a bunch of code only to find out that pygame sprite classes can't return anything so I have to move a lot of my code. I'm not sure if I can finish my game in time.

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day 6

I am almost done but I am running out of time. So, instead of writing clean code, I am copying and pasting parts that work and creating new variables whenever I need one. I think I will finish my game but tomorrow will be very intense.

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day 7


Please tell me if you find any bugs!

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