WHY my twin

Making my first game for a jam.

Tested on pyhton version: 3.10.1


won my heart!
Presented by Lani-Skyy

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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 2.8

63% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 4


File Uploader Date
this game consists of 3 short levels, i hope everyone enjoys it
Bladestar 2022/03/26 21:12

Diary Entries

Day - 1

This Day was is going miserably bad, all i have done is making a back screen and a square,

Still haven't decided what i want to make,

I am just doing the basic coding for the tiles and player movement

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Day - 2

After yesterday that i did nothing, i made good progress today, added player & player animations & player movement,

Made texture for tiles, made a map & a way to make the map, added collision with tiles.

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