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My Evil Twin: Save the Critters!

A team entry by jnruan, jttaufa, scott and maybe others.

PyWeek Mar 2022

By Tepid Lemons.

Something about an Evil Twin and Critters.

Save the critters with your beam of light before your evil twin takes them! Your light beam

when pointed at a critter long enough will save them!

Finding it hard to see? Aim your beam of light around the map to temporarily clear the fog!

We didn't have time to properly do great graphics or maps - but see if you can save more

critters than the twin in this small demo!


`WASD`: Move player, Select Menu Items

`ENTER`: Confirm selection

`Mouse`: Move player facing

`Mouse Left Click`: Turn on light beam

Install and Run

`pip install -r requirements.txt` and then run game with `python`. Game requires Python 3.8+


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.5
Fun: 2.3
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 3

20% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 4


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jnruan 2022/03/26 23:53
jnruan 2022/03/26 23:49