Meaw vs Mrrr

Hi, I'm Teo. This is the game I ve created. What is it about? Well, you own an animal shelter for cats. As you ve realised there are 2 types of cats: the good ones that do as you tell them and the evil ones that do exacly the oposite. To separate them you put the good cats in the first cage and the evil ones in the second. Your job now is to help the eat as many fish as posible without geting out of the cages. Good luck!


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 3
Production: 1.9
Innovation: 3.3

1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 8


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This is actually my first game. The idea is really simple: there are 2 groups of cats. The first group is the nice one and listens to where you tell them to go, but the other does the oposite. Your task is to catch as many fish using both grups.
Teo 2022/03/27 20:51
This is a bad cat even if it looks nice
Teo 2022/03/27 20:31
This is one of the good cats
Teo 2022/03/27 20:31
this is a fish
Teo 2022/03/27 20:30