September 2021 challenge: “Neverending”

Temporal Anomaly - Final Game Uploaded

Posted by mit-mit on 2021/09/26 23:43

I've just posted the final version of the game (v2): includes a bug fix for terminal/panel text which doesn't seem to render properly across all version of arcade (or OSs): thanks Cosmo for letting me know! should be fixed now.

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MowerMan - Entry submitted

Posted by BeefxThief on 2021/09/26 20:32

I've finished up my week and it was a great learning experience.  I did end up with some spaghetti code that I would refine a lot if I had more time, but it works for now and I'm excited to do another one and clean up all the mistakes I made this time around.  Thanks for checking out my game :)

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Keypad Racer - Keypad Racer

Posted by encukou on 2021/09/26 17:12

I heard it's good to write a diary entry, so people can add comments (when something goes wrong, for example)... But let me make it a diary.

I felt the chosen theme was too generic, and I didn't come up with a game idea to match the theme. So I made a list of games I wanted to make and picked one that felt most appropriate.
Sunday & Monday, I learned a lot about GLSL shaders. Mostly I learned from mistakes, but I did manage to draw some nice-looking lines.
Tuesday & Wednesday, I made a level editor – for a game that, in the end, only has one level. I learned a lot about Bézier curves in the process.
Thursday, I implemented split-screen (since it felt that adding it to a finished game would be hard), and started on a tutorial. For this I learned about signed distance field fonts. (I didn't really implement this correctly, and I used a bad font for it, but who's counting.)
Friday (wow, Friday already?) I added collision detection and lots of animations.
Saturday I finished the tutorial. And I added a title screen, sound and an info display, so those are all quite rushed. I didn't manage to add music before the cutoff.

Overall, I learned a lot!

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Danse Macabre - Danse Macabre: Done

Posted by Tee on 2021/09/26 15:50

Danse Macabre is a game where you guide dancing spirits through a maze of mirrors and make sure that they end up at the right exits, according to the type of dancers. The main challenge here is that mirrors flip every time that you hit them.

I normally do postmortems after ratings but I'll just write a bit about how my week went here since it'll be short:

I spent most of the week working on a puzzle game around tessellation, where you would have to construct a tiling and have a certain line wrap around to itself. I had an idea of one interesting level and it felt promising, but Saturday morning I had most of the mechanics implemented and I just couldn't figure out where the depth was, at least with the current set of mechanics. I realized that I wouldn't have time to redesign the mechanics, create levels, and polish the game in the time I had left, so I had to drop it and start over from scratch with a less ambitious idea.

Danse Macabre also went through a surprising number of iterations given the short amount of time. I was insistent in incorporating the theme mechanically rather than aesthetically, so I started off with the idea of bullets that never go away. The constrained positioning was to ensure a consistent bullet pattern and the idea of angled mirrors came because I didn't want the bullets to loop in the same direction. Unsurprisingly, that's a hard one to make work, so in the last few hours I had to drop it and come up with something new. Playing with what I had, I noticed that trying to find out where the bullet would end up was kind of fun, so I decided to jump on that and make that the goal of the game. But that meant losing the "neverending" theme, so I ended up coming up with a background story for the game that fit the theme, which was inspired by the music I had picked and the maze of mirrors. Although I ideally wanted the theme to be in the mechanics, I'm happy with how the theme fit and the final game overall.

Lots of twists and turns in my Pyweek, but I hope you enjoy the game. Let me know if you find any issues. Looking forward to playing your games.

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Posted by AbooMinister on 2021/09/26 14:33

we finished :P

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Truck 'n Trailer - Feedback

Posted by Adan on 2021/09/26 12:47

You can ping me on discord or comment on this post to give feedback

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Untriex - Final Diary entry

Posted by Untriex on 2021/09/26 08:57

So i uploaded my game...

It is more like Proof of Concept, because lot of planned thinks are missing (textures, menu, sfx, progress, leveling, health, combat,...)

I released it only to show, how i worked on random world generation, because it was big challenge for me.

I knew i had hard week ahead of me, but i did not think it would be this hard. I had time and energy to program only for three days.

See you next PyWeek.

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Aaaaaa! Make It Stop! - Gameplay and hints

Posted by gummbum on 2021/09/26 06:13

Start the infamous day in the lab with Al Gore. Interrogate him by clicking on him. Al gives some dubious information, but it's all you have to go on. The Information Superhighway has been clogged. An A.I. without access to all that data is as dumb as Al Gore. Follow the clues to figure out how the crime is done, stop it from escalating, and undo the principle damage to restore functionality to your A.I. You have only a few hours to figure it out before it starts all over again. It's your only hope of escaping the horribly monotonous time loop.

Mechanics. You get five game hours to solve the puzzle. Completing a critical plot element advances the clock one hour. Take anything that looks useful and add it to your utility belt. Some grabbable items can be combined; grab an item and click it atop another to create a hybrid item. Items can also be used on objects and people in the environment; grab the item and click it atop the target item to perform an action.

But beware. Not everything is essential, and some things have their short season. The various activities consume precious time, so prioritizing your day is critical to solving the mystery.


Woundabout - Final entry uploaded - post bugs or issues running the game here

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2021/09/26 02:57

Download v2 from the entry page here:

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Wild Campers - Finished, but Kinda unbalanced :/

Posted by Hiross on 2021/09/26 01:19

I think I have aimed kinda bigger than I should.

The game is nice but its little bit obvious that some things are missing in it.
But never mind, it is nice concept and I can still finish it after challenge :)

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