PyWeek 28 challenge: “Tower”

The Alchemist's Tower - Finished...

Posted by ntoll on 2019/09/28 23:56

...with just five minutes to spare.

Instructions for playing the game are in the README.rst file.  Basically:

  • Clone the repos
  • Python3 virtualenv
  • Use `pip` to install `requirements.txt`
  • Run `python`
  • Have fun..!

NOTE: there may be Linux based sound issues -- but I mention the fix in the README.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions if things don't quite work... this has been quite a rush job..!

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Spire of Chaos - Upload issues...

Posted by Darni on 2019/09/28 22:08

I guess this is the time where upload issues begin:
502 Bad Gateway
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

Probably a combination of a large-ish submission from me (~25 MB, I went a bit overboard with the soundtracks) and server on fire close to the deadline. So, jic:

$ sha256sum release/
068b9b7887fd318cd7dec8438b685c566386ac82e75a35fcb8105faf9a0b3b2d  release/

The uploader script finishes with a 302 pointing to with the file not uploaded...


Spire of Chaos - Almost there

Posted by Darni on 2019/09/28 20:47

In 1832, Thomas Cole painted Romantic Landscape with Ruined Tower.

This has been my inspiration during the week (and I got to include this image in my game)

Now, time to upload the final entry, or at least the first "finished" entry... I'll try to get some tweaks in the hours left and see if they can make the cut.

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Souls Of The Tower - Finished day 7! But it is not the end.

Posted by MihailRis on 2019/09/28 20:13

I hope your experience of playing my horror game will be good. I will continue development after end of the challenge. The last step is - uploading the game...

  • Fixed bugs.
  • Impoved random items location.
  • More help.
  • More rooms.
  • New interesting behaviour of one of mobs.
  • Added window size selection on start.
  • Drawn something like a poster (quick and bad as usually :) ):

I am an artist

Some changes in help

Window size selection

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Stacky Tower - Finished!

Posted by dowski on 2019/09/28 18:34

I think we're done.

A bunch of stuff went in yesterday.

  • Damage to towers
  • Shotgun
  • Shield
  • Medkit
  • Sound effects
  • Improved tower images
  • Active player indicator
  • Hacked in 1-player mode

Today was mostly about packaging and some finishing touches.

  • Menu + instructions
  • Refined 1-player mode
  • Play again after game finishes
  • Balancing attack vs. defense

The game still feels a bit random (in fact that's how the "AI" in 1-player works). There are definitely smart ways to play though.

As for code quality, well ... the menu is a complete hack. There are lots of decently factored functions, but update() is sort of a mess. And there's global state everywhere. But in some ways it's laid out as simply as possible for collaborating with my son. We specially avoid lots of fancier Python functionality for that reason too (e.g. our only class in the game simply serves as a namespace).

This was a ton of fun! Looking forward to trying the other games and taking part in judging!


TowerJumpers - That's a wrap

Posted by gizmo_thunder on 2019/09/28 17:27

I was pretty excited about this pyweek, was eager to try out the transcrypt compiler to run my python game in the browser. 

You can play it online here:

  • Managed to do a lot of play-testing (hope this ensures points on fun)
  • Good animations / Physics 
  • Polished transitions (Camera Follow / Screen Transitions)
  • FX for milestones in game.
  • Basic sound effects

I was unable to find time for character design and animation so had to stick to basic geometry shapes. It kinda works for the setting, but not sure how others would feel about it. I wanted to implement some kind of in-game pickup that didn't happen either, mostly because the map structure i designed is so tuned to building the tower dynamically that i didn't make it extensible to be able to add things later.

Review regarding transcrypt, it was surprisingly stable and was pretty fast. There are still things that bother me though

  • Each python file gets compiled to a js and same set of macros are added to the modules. (increased number of http requests)
  • Kinda hard to keep track of the js_* and py_* naming conflict. (fortunately its' easy to debug/figure out this problem)
  • Will need some js understanding to be able to integrate with existing javascript libs.
  • Will need to live with __new__() macro, not sure if this is standard python but it's here. 

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The Alchemist's Tower - Massive hack-a-thon to the finish line

Posted by ntoll on 2019/09/28 17:06

Thanks to my complete lack of time this week I've managed Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons and I'll be working into this evening (probably until midnight). I think I have all the game assets created and / or edited (images, sounds and music), now I just need to cobble it together in a way that actually works, tells a story and is intriguing enough to play.

The emphasis in this game is definitely on a mysterious exploration with lots of atmosphere.

I'm going to be pushing it, but I think I'll be able to make something!

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The Emerald Tower - Final Diary Entry: Calling DNF on this one

Posted by Phantasma on 2019/09/28 13:21

Work has really interfered with my pyweek project this week and was going to pull an all nighter, but concerns of having health issues related to caffeine overdose made me think otherwise. With only such little time left, I still had to get the following done for "The Emerald Tower": Enemies, Leveling your character, More artwork, Sound and music, credits, game over screen, combat mechanics....I could keep going with the list but just from these alone, and the amount of time I have left before my next shift, these factors made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to finish on time. I'm forced to throw a DNF on this one. I just needed at least 1-2 more weeks to be able to release something that is at least remotely enjoyable.

I'll be able to finish and release the game at a later time on so at least stick around for that. It wont be rated on pyweek, but I wont leave a project unfinished.

In the meantime I'll drop a link to my page check there from time to time. I'll release The Emerald Tower when its ready.

Best wishes to the rest of you on the final hours of Pyweek.

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Tower of Rapunzel - Saturday

Posted by tundish on 2019/09/28 12:52

Grabbed an hour this morning (Saturday) to tweak some dialogue.

I took a screenshot which does a good job of showing the tone of the piece.

Although it would be nice to get some music in there, I'm starting to feel
some fatigue. I don't want to spoil this one with any hasty last minute

So I think I might leave it at that. This will be version 0.6.0.
That's likely to be the version I submit for judging, unless I spot any
glaring issues.

I think in terms of effort the thinking, writing, coding, packaging and
testing took about 24 hours in total.

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Babel - Start of Day 7 – Nearly Done

Posted by LeopardShark on 2019/09/28 07:35

Newer ScreenshotI have made lots of progress, but there is still important stuff left to do. You can actually drop the bricks in now, and the game checks if they are correct. A (currently quite generous) time limit is included¸ and you lose if it drops to zero. The game now highlights the important words to make it a bit easier, but there is still one important issue left to fix: the game's difficulty curve hits a cliff when it starts using Hindi and Chinese. I think I will have to add some kind of in-game reference to help (or at least give a translation when a brick is incorrectly placed), and possibly limit them to the 'hard' difficulty. I also need to add winning and losing screens and a score indicator.

711 lines so far. Good luck everyone!

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