PyWeek 28 challenge: “Tower”

Derplings: Tower Ascent - We finished (almost)

Posted by wkmanire on 2019/09/29 20:43

Holy cow,

There is never enough time to complete these projects. We did our best and the game is as polished as 200 grit sandpaper. We did learn a lot and had a ton of fun. So, it was totally worth it.

We hope you try Derplings and that you're able to complete the game. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you need help getting it to run on your computer.

Best regards,
The Over Engineers


Battle Tower - Last note

Posted by chrisyan2000 on 2019/09/29 20:04

I didn't have enough time this week :(

there are so much detail that I can improve on

gotta work hard in the next pyweek!


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The Alchemist's Tower - Bugs!

Posted by ntoll on 2019/09/29 17:14

...and just as I was sitting down to relax into a good book, my daughter had a play through and found an edge-case bug in the game logic. It was simple to find and fix, so the game should be ready to test. (On the plus side, she liked the game.)

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Devils Tower - The second half of PyWeek

Posted by tizilogic on 2019/09/29 15:36

At the 4th day, I started to feel the pressure of actually delivering a playable game, rather than just some interactive, generated world. I didn't find the time to write diary entries during those last days, but I accomplished and got a playable game out of it.

In the end I managed to write a rudimentary collision system from scratch, together with a quadtree implementation, also from scratch. I'm proud of what I accomplished to build in just one week. A generator for the 3D world, two types of puzzle (Nonogram and entering the correct symbol code), a collision system and all mashed together into something game-like.

Right now, I'm still trying to get a Windows standalone executable to work. If this isn't happening, I'm not too worried though, since I suspect that all participants of this contest are capable to create a throwaway virtualenv and run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

inside it.  DISCLAIMER: I only tried this on Ubuntu 19.04 and Windows 10 x64 and the game launches for me on both. Not sure what mileage you get out of your preferred OS though...

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The Alchemist's Tower - Assets Uploaded

Posted by ntoll on 2019/09/29 15:25

Spent this afternoon compressing .wav files into .mp3 so the game wouldn't be so huge to download. In any case, it's done and I'm quite pleased with how much I managed to cram into Thursday and Friday afternoons and Saturday evening.

Please do let me know if there are any problems.

I've uploaded a "play through" video of the game (although this obviously contains spoilers and solutions to puzzles) onto YouTube.

That's it for another PyWeek. Many many thanks to Dan (lordmauve) for organising this wonderful flourishing of coding creativity. It's a real pleasure and privilege to take part and I'm especially looking forward to playing all the other finished games.

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Nerdozog's Ascent - Game uploaded

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2019/09/29 02:00

Download from the project page.

If you catch any bugs before the upload deadline, please let me know here!

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The Infinite Tower - Finished!

Posted by OrionDark7 on 2019/09/29 01:16

Well, I'm done, surprisingly!

I know I haven't been keeping a lot of Journal entries this week, and I feel bad that I haven't, but I felt I didn't have enough content for one day to put into an entry.

This time for me was different for sure. I had a lot less time to work, as my course load this year in school is pretty honors heavy. I think I'll probably take a break from this until my schedule is predictably more open to doing things like this (hopefully sooner than later).

Also, the main font in my game has some problems, so zeros and eights may look alike, but they're different, so keep an eye out for that.

Additionally, there was another font I used last minute in the How to Play Screen that I forgot to provide a license for, so I will link it up above on the entry description.

If you've got any questions about the game or how to run it, feel free to post a comment on this entry and I'd be glad to help you.

Can't wait to play all your games! Thanks for a great PyWeek! :)

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The Tower of Torment - All falls apart at the end

Posted by schilcote on 2019/09/29 00:49

There's a ton of stuff I'm proud of on this project, esp. the dynamic music stuff. But, in the end, I ran out of time. Thinking back on it, I probably should've just ripped the combat system out rather than trying to fix it at the last minute.

So, why'd I fail? Well... to be honest, I think it just comes down to one single thing; the fact that I wasted a day trying to get the raycaster working efficiently when brute force worked just fine. If I'd started with the option I ended up using anyway I'd have a whole nother day and a half, which was really all I needed - heck, even just a few more hours to figure out the combat balance would have made a huge difference. Alas, it was not to be. If i'd stuck to standard Final Fantasy clone combat it'd probably have been fine as well, so there's a lesson - don't innovate just for its own sake, especially when you're under time pressure.

Still! It's a pretty cool walking-around-mazes simulator, except for when it decides to force you to play broken RPG combat instead. And the dynamic music stuff tieff and I put together is definitely awesome.

So, while I'm pretty disappointed in the version that I'm actually submitting to PyWeek, I think with another couple days of work this could be a pretty friggin' cool game.


Spire of Chaos - Goal Line!

Posted by Darni on 2019/09/29 00:19

OK, after a long week I'm quite happy with the results. I still haven't been able to upload my submission but it's reachable from github.

There are a million things that didn't make the cut, of course. A kind of game like this thrives in having infinite content, so it was a good exercise of figuring out what was critical and what could be taken out. There are only a few things that I could have added and were really a few hours away:

  • Adjusting the parameters of each level to get more uniqueness from one to other
  • Adding more kinds of monsters instead of the single "generic monster blob/thing" I ended up having (which could have helped a lot to the above)
  • Adding different kinds of doors/ matching keys

If I look at my ideas list, there's a very extensive line of stuff that was postponed and I may do later:

  • A magic system (the original character was supposed to be a wizard too) but the core mechanics ate all the time and spell-casting was a large investment (mostly because then I needed to implement a wide array of spells before it was interesting)
  • An ability system, that can be received when leveling up. I wanted to give you in each level a choice of one out of 2 or 3 abilities picked randomly from the whole pool of abilities. That would force you to mix and match interesting characters on each play-through instead of thinking about "the optimal build"
  • The two above would have allowed a class system (i.e warrior vs rogue vs mage).
  • Walking vs running. one would include a search for traps to be more "careful", the other would take less time. In the end I defaulted to running. This was really simple to implement (use shift+arrow to walk, add a search in between each step), but I felt it would have been useful to explain and make visible the consequences of that to the player (i.e. feedback).
  • Conditions (like poison, or curses)
  • And of course even more monsters, traps and treasure
  • For monsters I was thinking on a combination system to get more variety where you get a base creature plus an adjective. For example a "swarm of X" it's an X but harder to escape from, a "Giant X" is an X that deals more damage, etc. I also had plans for different effects for monster besides "you take damage"
  • Tons of polish: On text messages, that sometimes are built with incorrect grammar, f-strings are great but not THAT smart unfortunately. Adding more graphics, visual feedback, floor tiles, actual walls, lighting, animations, ...

But all in all, I'm proud of the end result, and hoping you enjoy it!

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decorporation - decorporation...

Posted by Buffalo974 on 2019/09/29 00:10

Hi guys,
i learned interessant things with pymunk, tiled and arcade this week. To short to master them.

here i can load TMX files, there is a little bit physics, but it's not well mixed...

How can i easily get a translation from tiled to pymunk+arcade ?

if somebody find how to fix it ...

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