Upload issues...

I guess this is the time where upload issues begin:
502 Bad Gateway
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at pyweek.org Port 443

Probably a combination of a large-ish submission from me (~25 MB, I went a bit overboard with the soundtracks) and server on fire close to the deadline. So, jic:

$ sha256sum release/spire-of-chaos-1.0.zip
068b9b7887fd318cd7dec8438b685c566386ac82e75a35fcb8105faf9a0b3b2d  release/spire-of-chaos-1.0.zip

The uploader script finishes with a 302 pointing to https://pyweek.org/e/blaze/oup/ with the file not uploaded...

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I'll look into this tomorrow.
This seems to be still going on...

Both the website and uploader script get to 100%, and then bail out with some error (the uploader script is actually a 302, not an error)

What uploader script are you using? I don't know if there is a supported uploader script.

I think the server may be struggling a bit. It's pretty slow even for things like SSH login. Because it's based in Australia, perhaps?

I tried both the web form and the script at https://pyweek.org/static/pyweek-upload.py (I found that link in https://pyweek.readthedocs.io/en/latest/help.html#what-to-submit-as-your-entry ). The script seems old (python 2 based), so perhaps it's out of date.

Ok, I uploaded it over SSH and fiddled with the database to add it. It was difficult; need to avoid doing this again.

I found it was easier to reassign values to your existing final upload, so I've effectively replaced that. If you want to keep that text file please re-upload it.

ok, looks good. I managed to create a version with no music (much smaller and upload that as non final). But I'll test your upload and if that's working, I'll leave that one

Thanks again!