I think we're done.

A bunch of stuff went in yesterday.

Today was mostly about packaging and some finishing touches.

The game still feels a bit random (in fact that's how the "AI" in 1-player works). There are definitely smart ways to play though.

As for code quality, well ... the menu is a complete hack. There are lots of decently factored functions, but update() is sort of a mess. And there's global state everywhere. But in some ways it's laid out as simply as possible for collaborating with my son. We specially avoid lots of fancier Python functionality for that reason too (e.g. our only class in the game simply serves as a namespace).

This was a ton of fun! Looking forward to trying the other games and taking part in judging!

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The game doesn't actually run with "python":
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 9, in <module>
P1_LEFT = keys.A
NameError: name 'keys' is not defined
Apparently I have to run "python -m pgzero".  Might be wise to update the instructions.
Oh woops! Thanks for letting me know! I'll get them updated.