Final Diary Entry: Calling DNF on this one

Work has really interfered with my pyweek project this week and was going to pull an all nighter, but concerns of having health issues related to caffeine overdose made me think otherwise. With only such little time left, I still had to get the following done for "The Emerald Tower": Enemies, Leveling your character, More artwork, Sound and music, credits, game over screen, combat mechanics....I could keep going with the list but just from these alone, and the amount of time I have left before my next shift, these factors made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to finish on time. I'm forced to throw a DNF on this one. I just needed at least 1-2 more weeks to be able to release something that is at least remotely enjoyable.

I'll be able to finish and release the game at a later time on so at least stick around for that. It wont be rated on pyweek, but I wont leave a project unfinished.

In the meantime I'll drop a link to my page check there from time to time. I'll release The Emerald Tower when its ready.

Best wishes to the rest of you on the final hours of Pyweek.