Pyweek #24 challenge: “They're behind everything”

Just Read the Instructions! - End.

Posted by encukou on 2017/10/22 00:24

Looks like I haven't done much in the way of diary writing. I was busy with Pyglet!
Turns out just I like playing around with little animations and behaviors. Too much, maybe. So: no sound, the "story" is very hidden, and the puzzle is short.
But hopefully it's still fun! (And hopefully it'll run on other people's machines -- I didn't optimize at all.)

As my first PyWeek entry, and as a game made in three days (I need to work, too!), I think I'll call it a success.

And now, off to bed! Looking forward to play all the other games :)

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Ministry of Truth - Is it worth finishing the story?

Posted by mgrazebrook on 2017/10/22 00:16

The game's on github. I'm tempted to finish the story - but would anyone give it a go?

Let me know if you'd like me to complete it. The code won't change much - just the story.

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Ministry of Truth - The state of the game

Posted by mgrazebrook on 2017/10/22 00:06

The idea was to create an engine for stories. Stories where your path through completely changes the outcome. The "levels" are entirely configurable through json files.

The background of this story is a conspiracy to control the world through controlling the truth. I didn't manage to write the ending, so I hope you'll excuse a plot spoiler:

Your character moves around a posh London district searching for clues and allies. Each ally could in fact be a traitor. Enemies you kill aren't in the final battle.

The final battle takes place in a secret, disused underground station. A data science company controlled by vampires has discovered a way to create a tissue of lies so convincing it can manipulate the media. The problem with lies is that once they accumulate, the stories conflict. But not if you have just the right kind of AI. 

Possible outcomes are destroying the server room in the station, joining the enemy (at great loss to your humanity), death or awaking to an Orwellian 1984 type world.

(My original concept was far too ambitious - each level would also have a Tiled-style map)

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Faraway Near - Game uploaded

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2017/10/21 23:59

Here's the link. Please let me know here if you encounter any bugs. Thanks!

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buffalo974 - day 7 - Play Chemistry : not finished, i give up :-(

Posted by Buffalo974 on 2017/10/21 23:54

Lack time, lack energy and motivation.
But the last day i see potential.

I wasted time with theory revision and graphic managing.
But i know what i want for game engine.
I will post finish product if i have time a day.

You have cards in your hand at bottom, you put chemical cards up (red zone) to make in interact.
If reaction possible, (ex alcohol + organic acid gives ester like in parfum, aroma ... ;  triglycerid + caustic soda gives soap + glycerol ...)

I already have algorithm to make with PIL cards from chemical data, and engine is done to check reactions.

dont forget to visit your forsaken projects __NEED_BLOOD

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Family - Your shipment of ugly has arrived!

Posted by shundread on 2017/10/21 23:48

There may still be a few minutes to try to squeeze in that last feature, but I don't really feel like it. The chances that I'll introduce new bugs that I won't have the time to test for are way too great, compared to the low chance that I'll get the post-processing feature done even reasonably right.

I'm happy with how the project turned out. Initially I had no idea whether I'd even be able to deliver on most of the features, but it turns out I got it mostly covered. Due to my experimentations with state-saving and hot swapping, the end-result code is rather ugly, but so is the game.

As a final test, I did a couple of playthroughs, and for completion's sake I attempted the best ending on both runs, and the first of those (after disabling the see-through-walls vision) was rather frustrating, as I twice walked past the spot where my last family member was hiding, and the second one it went fairly easier.

Hopefully the game drops enough hints about how it works to players who haven't tried it out yet, and the difficulty is fairly balanced. I have on more than one occasion provided unreasonable difficulty levels.

I doubt that I would work on this project any longer now that it's reached this point, but if I did, the first thing to do would be to start working on would be to switch to opengl & shaders for rendering and getting the post-processing effect done right and fast via a fragment shader. After that, no idea. I could probably spend weeks just on content generation.

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Rodentopia - Day 8 - All Done!

Posted by OrionDark7 on 2017/10/21 23:25

        With 40 minutes left to spare, I have finished all the level building, the boss level (it looks like it was drawn in MS-Paint by a 5 year old, I didn't have much time, so I decided to call the boss "DerpCat", to make it seem right.), my LICENSE.txt file, README.txt file, and everything else.

        Thanks for letting me participate, this has been the happiest week of my life (No, I'm not kidding.). I've had so much fun doing this and I can't wait to be back for PyWeek #25. Good job to everybody who entered, and good luck in the judging process.

Have a good night, Orion.


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I Read python Documents - well oops...

Posted by theweasels1 on 2017/10/21 22:57

due to an error in our time management calculations, we are unable to submit an entry for this pyweek. However, being constrained by a time limit was a learning experience and we will surely have something to show next pyweek.

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StreetChase - No outcome :-(

Posted by prake on 2017/10/21 21:57

Daily liabilities needed my priority this time. I am far away from the result I planned. So I decided not to upload something this time. Nevertheless there are pretty good entries this time looking forward to play the result of the others who managed to get something on the way.

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Posted by pmdevita on 2017/10/21 21:45

Pyweek keeps falling on my midterms. I wish it was scheduled closer to the beginning of the semester when less was going on.

I am only now free from all schoolwork. I don't know where Andrew is. Chelsea is helping with levels but its going slow.

Pyglet also has a bug that I probably spent an hour debugging. Functions cannot unschedule themselves even though a patch to fix this was submitted two months ago (and pulled in). So right now we are using bleeding edge pyglet with a two line patch I wrote.

Really sucks that this is my second pyweek without a functional game. Next one probably will be just by myself.

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