Your shipment of ugly has arrived!

There may still be a few minutes to try to squeeze in that last feature, but I don't really feel like it. The chances that I'll introduce new bugs that I won't have the time to test for are way too great, compared to the low chance that I'll get the post-processing feature done even reasonably right.

I'm happy with how the project turned out. Initially I had no idea whether I'd even be able to deliver on most of the features, but it turns out I got it mostly covered. Due to my experimentations with state-saving and hot swapping, the end-result code is rather ugly, but so is the game.

As a final test, I did a couple of playthroughs, and for completion's sake I attempted the best ending on both runs, and the first of those (after disabling the see-through-walls vision) was rather frustrating, as I twice walked past the spot where my last family member was hiding, and the second one it went fairly easier.

Hopefully the game drops enough hints about how it works to players who haven't tried it out yet, and the difficulty is fairly balanced. I have on more than one occasion provided unreasonable difficulty levels.

I doubt that I would work on this project any longer now that it's reached this point, but if I did, the first thing to do would be to start working on would be to switch to opengl & shaders for rendering and getting the post-processing effect done right and fast via a fragment shader. After that, no idea. I could probably spend weeks just on content generation.