Pyweek keeps falling on my midterms. I wish it was scheduled closer to the beginning of the semester when less was going on.

I am only now free from all schoolwork. I don't know where Andrew is. Chelsea is helping with levels but its going slow.

Pyglet also has a bug that I probably spent an hour debugging. Functions cannot unschedule themselves even though a patch to fix this was submitted two months ago (and pulled in). So right now we are using bleeding edge pyglet with a two line patch I wrote.

Really sucks that this is my second pyweek without a functional game. Next one probably will be just by myself.

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I'm getting a pyglet error on Ubuntu:

<pre>Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "", line 99, in <module>

    w = Window((1280,720))

  File "", line 8, in __init__

    self.board = core.Board(self, self.batch, wh)

  File "/home/christopher/Downloads/theyrebehind/core/", line 32, in __init__

    corkboard_im = load_resource("corkboard.jpg", "center")

  File "theyrebehind/core/lib/", line 18, in load_resource

    img = pyglet.resource.image(filename)

  File "theyrebehind/pyglet/", line 555, in image


  File "theyrebehind/pyglet/", line 494, in _alloc_image

    return img.get_texture(True)

  File "theyrebehind/pyglet/image/", line 859, in get_texture


  File "theyrebehind/pyglet/image/", line 844, in create_texture

    rectangle, force_rectangle)

  File "theyrebehind/pyglet/image/", line 1564, in create


  File "theyrebehind/pyglet/gl/", line 105, in errcheck

    raise GLException(msg) b'invalid value'</pre>

Anyone have any luck here?