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Diary Entries

Day 1 - "Play Chemistry with Python"

Atoms and Molecules are behind everything.

Lets make a "pedagogic and funny" game.

I am brainstorming what i am able to do, the time available to me this week, how to show it interesting, pretty and handy.

Hmmm... Maybe a card game, with goal molecule to achieve and give points ?

I want to show you Thorpy library which works upon Pygame. It's a smart and clever tool.

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Day 2 - Discover Chemistry basics with card game

5 days, 5 hours to go  and ZERO code written yet.
But it's hard to find how to make funny playing with complex principles. But it comes slowly.

I want the player to learn how to make parfum, soap, banana aroma, aspirin and paracetamol for example.
Player will discover chemical functions as alcools, alcanes, amines, weak acid/base etc.

The player begin with a deck of chemicals substance , can start with some cards in hand, and have to manage with cards on table.
A little bit like Poker Texas Holdem.

Each time a  chemical reaction is successfull, table is cleaned and the player is given points. Game over when no time left or when deck finished.
Best score player win ( for LAN).

 I dont know how to make junction with general chemy (mineral) and organic chemy, i'd like to introduce fast oxydoreduction potential.

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day 3 - quick revision and modelization of chemistry engine

GUI is not yet started...

I will use dicts, list, sets for IA recognize synthesis and extractions.

I will use a little bit of OOP when needed , and basic GUI upon it when ready...

I have a list of synthesis synth_list which content each reaction :

Aspirin = [['Salicylic_Acid','Ethanoic_Anhydride'],['AcetylSalicylic_Acid','Ethanoic_Acid']]

Paracetamol = [['4_Aminophenol','Ethanoic_Anhydride'],['Paracetamol','Ethanoic_Acid']]

Isoamyl_Acetat = [['Isoamyl_Alcohol','Ethanoic_Acid'],['Isoamyl_Acetat','Water']]

olive_soap = [['Oleine','NaOH'],['oleic_carboxylate','Glycerol']]

Left side is reactiv, Right side is products. I dont use stochiometric coefficient for the moment.

When player will touch cards, IA check if the set matches with known reaction.

I will find pictures to make cards more sexy than equation (ie banana for flavour products, tablets for paracetamol ...)

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day 4 - Revision chem. course

thinking about best way fo feed "database" or add mods after pyweek, maybe a teacher would like to use my card game engine.

For general chemistry, I had a look on wikipedia about  metal extraction from rocks like malachite, siderite, Smithsonite, vivianite, pyromorphite...

Want also to introduce pictogram for poison, radioactiv, corrosive, or explosive substance.

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Chemistry day 5


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Chemistry day 6

I worked on card making from data,

tomorrow i make a GUI. Lol.

Lack time because lack motivation and energy on this session...little bit lazy...

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day 7 - Play Chemistry : not finished, i give up :-(

Lack time, lack energy and motivation.
But the last day i see potential.

I wasted time with theory revision and graphic managing.
But i know what i want for game engine.
I will post finish product if i have time a day.

You have cards in your hand at bottom, you put chemical cards up (red zone) to make in interact.
If reaction possible, (ex alcohol + organic acid gives ester like in parfum, aroma ... ;  triglycerid + caustic soda gives soap + glycerol ...)

I already have algorithm to make with PIL cards from chemical data, and engine is done to check reactions.

dont forget to visit your forsaken projects __NEED_BLOOD

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