August 2015 challenge: “Data data data”

The Gödel Sentence - Walkthough video

Posted by paulpaterson on 2015/08/16 21:27

I made a walkthrough video of the complete game. Yes, I said complete game so this is basically one big spoiler. But if the game wont run for you or something then you can use the video to see how things turned out! Of couse you would have made better decisions than the person demoing here (ie me!).

If you are having problems then let me know. There are two issues I know about.

  • Some lines of dialog get skipped in second half of the game. The first line someone speaks can occasionally get missed. You can even see this in the video.
  • On my Linux box it takes about 10-20s to start the game. It doesn't do this on my OSX box, which is how I developed it. Hopefully it doesn't do it on Windows either!

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    Not your data - After some good sleep...

    Posted by Gato on 2015/08/16 20:41

    I realized there were some leftovers from the "skellington" files. Like some lines with "Your Game Title" still there. I fixed that kind of things in the in the last submission.

    I confess I did one one minor change to the code... I commented out a couple of places where the program was creating some images used for debugging. Getting rid of that doesn't change the game at all.

    Also, I defused the tarbomb that the previous submission was. Sorry about that.

    Finally, I uploaded the game to GitHub, where I'll make any further corrections/changes:


    Hackerman: The virtual hero - Day 6 - END

    Posted by andarms on 2015/08/16 20:00

    Please download the last one final file

    No matter how early start and not get to finish my game early, this is my fourth PyWeek and as usual on the last day still had plenty to do in the end I could not complete many of the ideas he had but at least I have something playable. this week I was busier than I thought so I could not spend as much time as he wanted. But I had fun and learned some new things.

    Now to play all the games!!

    Hackerman: A Hacker that fight (literally) with bugs, viruses, trojans, etc. You have to find the infected data and exterminate it.

    Move the hero with arrows keys, use th W,A,S,D keys to shoot. For actions use E key.

    Delete all infected data and kill enemies to get score


    Dataroll - 'Yes' if (Late < Never) else 'No'

    Posted by wezu on 2015/08/16 16:07

    So I've just uploaded my game. I know it's a bit late, but I was off- line all this week and I only got the theme on last Monday via a stationary phone (you know the ones in the Dr Who style boxes, where you need to insert a coin...?). I hope everyone is ok with that, there was no coding done today, apart from a small path that I needed to do, to be able to pack the game using standard Panda3D tools

    Since I didn't do any diary entries this time - me being offline - I'll just past here a short version of my dev log

    1. Did nothing, had no theme, didn't even know it was day 1 (different time zone)
    2. Got the theme, after a short brain storm (both the brain and the storm kind of short) I decided I want to make a sort of racing game with Wipeout as a rolemodel. I wanted to use Bullet for physique, but the car driving model didn't quite work for me, so I used a simple ball as a temporary vehicle and it stayed that way
    3. Made sounds and powerup icons, organized the code a bit, I found out I don't have a working exporter so most of the day was struggling with the model pipeline
    4. Still trying to get the models into the game, the pipeline is modeling package->obj->egg->hand edit->bam->egg->hand edit->egg-trans->hand edit. It's a pain
    5. Didn't like the track model I made, had to make a new one
    6. Did nothing
    7. Improving the gamplay, choosing the music, making a gui
    8. Packing the game


    Programmable war - Finished???

    Posted by knowledge on 2015/08/16 13:23

    We'll pretend it's finished.
    And that we know how to program robots in game.

    I've decided not to use CC licence this time (It's written that it shouldn't be used for software) so I choose you Apache 2.0
    I'm not familiar with Apache so if you want some right that outside Apache licence contact me and I might give you right.
    Copyright 2015 Jakov Manjkas
    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
    you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    You may obtain a copy of the License at
    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
    WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
    See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
    limitations under the License.


    igikikat gribrod - cataclysmic failure

    Posted by assertivist on 2015/08/16 13:10

    So, we weren't able to get a game out on time. Of course this happened, we tried to go 3d and I was nowhere near prepared for that.

    After lamenting about it in #pyweek, blake convinced me to do a 1 day entry, so here we are nearly 18 hours of work later...

    Don't take it too seriously, and please enjoy! :)

    Now it's time to collapse.


    Recovery - Finished

    Posted by LeopardShark on 2015/08/16 07:38

    It's playable. Not much else. I don't think we're going to get a good score because there's still a few graphics that are placeholders done by me because I didn't have time to send the files over to the graphics expert on out team. It's not exactly finished, as shown by the words [JAMIEPUTYOURUSERNAMEHERE] in the readme.

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    The Wizard's Data - Day 7: The Wizard's Data

    Posted by mit-mit on 2015/08/16 03:59

    As during last year of the competition, there was an epic, frantic race to the finish. All of the story elements, cut scene flow and basically all of the level design happened in the last 12 hours. I think we are basically happy with what we have produced: there was some cool artwork that just didn't get time to be implemented in :( and I think we could have done much better with the level design given an extra day! ... you'd think I'd learn: ran into the exact same problem last competition, trying to code up puzzles in the last 12 hours at about 4am.

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    The Wizard's Data - Day 1-6: The Wizard's Data (written retrospectively)

    Posted by mit-mit on 2015/08/16 03:56

    Would have like to post more diary entries during development, but everything was a bit full on, and couldn't spare the time until now. To be honest, we were a bit stumped by this theme: I really didn't think it was going to get in with such other cool themes as "Sheer bloody panic" and "Is it poison?" ... how could these not get voted in? :) Day 1 was frantic brainstorming for game concept and story. Day 2-3 brainstorming game mechanics revolving around platform puzzle elements (Lucid came up with most of these ideas!), starting to code these up. Core game artwork was basically finished by Day 4-5 and integrated with a working game engine by Day 5. Day 6 spend getting cut scene and title screen classes working, finalising artwork for these.

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    Data Snake - Victory: I finished!

    Posted by m0dem on 2015/08/16 01:28

    I am so glad to have finished this game. It was lots of fun and I had a good time with you all on the IRC. I look forward to playing other people's games. I was planning on doing diary entries, but I did not have the time to spare, sorry... maybe next time. Oh, and I forgot to say that the victory for me is just finishing the game! Last time I got a big fat DNF... not today!