'Yes' if (Late < Never) else 'No'

So I've just uploaded my game. I know it's a bit late, but I was off- line all this week and I only got the theme on last Monday via a stationary phone (you know the ones in the Dr Who style boxes, where you need to insert a coin...?). I hope everyone is ok with that, there was no coding done today, apart from a small path that I needed to do, to be able to pack the game using standard Panda3D tools

Since I didn't do any diary entries this time - me being offline - I'll just past here a short version of my dev log

  1. Did nothing, had no theme, didn't even know it was day 1 (different time zone)
  2. Got the theme, after a short brain storm (both the brain and the storm kind of short) I decided I want to make a sort of racing game with Wipeout as a rolemodel. I wanted to use Bullet for physique, but the car driving model didn't quite work for me, so I used a simple ball as a temporary vehicle and it stayed that way
  3. Made sounds and powerup icons, organized the code a bit, I found out I don't have a working exporter so most of the day was struggling with the model pipeline
  4. Still trying to get the models into the game, the pipeline is modeling package->obj->egg->hand edit->bam->egg->hand edit->egg-trans->hand edit. It's a pain
  5. Didn't like the track model I made, had to make a new one
  6. Did nothing
  7. Improving the gamplay, choosing the music, making a gui
  8. Packing the game

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You're good. We have until midnight UTC/GMT on day 8 to package and upload. It's in the rools.
I haven't seen a functional stationary phone booth in many years. Upload a picture! :D
I didn't make a picture of it, but I think I found a picture of it on the interweb:

...maybe it's not a 1 to 1 clone of TARDIS, but there is some resemblance, no?