September 2023 challenge: “Dark matter”

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Dark matter

Dark matter


You are in space looking into the asteroids for dark matter, high value material, suddenly you are attacked by space ships. Survive and collect the dark matter and buy better ships.

Game Play

Go to YouTube


Final Game



Python version 3.10.4

Pyxel version 1.9.18

The game was only tested on these versions

How to run

Install all the dependencies from `requirements.txt`

pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the game use:


You can also play it in the browser

How to Play

• Move with the `UP`, `DOWN`, `LEFT` and `RIGHT` arrows

• Press `A` key to select and shoot

• Press `Z` key to go back in the menus

• Hold `S` and `X` at the same time to self-destruct

• Press `F4` to quit

• Press `ALT` + `ENTER` to toggle full screen

• When an enemy is destroyed it will span either health, shield or dark matter


All the assets were made by me, using the Pyxels Image and Sound Editors. Highly inspired by the spaceships of Space Invaders, Star Wars, Star Trek, batman, Futurama and Dune.

Thanks for Playing

Entrant: RicBin

Dark Physics

It was an ordinary day for Professor Night, teaching university physics, until the strange happenings on university campus begin.

Requires: Pygame (tested on Pygame 2.5)

Game Playing Notes:

  • Only controls are to point and click with the mouse
  • May or may not be based on the past real life experiences of a certain PyWeeker who used to be an Astrophysicist :P

Game Playthrough:

Entrant: mit-mit

Dark matter keeper

In a universe powered by DARK MATTER...

Welcome to another bullet hell.

You are a grizzled space marine. Thought you could retire, eh? Well, no profit brooding over this dark matter. Once a grizzled space marine always a grizzled space marine. Embrace the suck. Separated from your fighter squad during a dangerous mission, you must get out of enemy territory with all your assets still intact. Against overwhelming odds - naturally - wherever you find yourself, make it to the exit portal. May you live to boast about it beside the quaint retro diesel fire back at the cantina. We would disavow all knowledge, but what's the point? One glance makes it're Marine. Move out!

P.S. - There are seven levels of HELLLL. About 45 seconds each. See readme for tips, cheats, and debugs. Gluk, soldier!

P.S.2 - WE WON

Team: DR0ID, gummbum, tabishrfx, PyNon


Flappy bird in dark matter world.

Entrant: stobard

apocalypse darkness rats

This game is about breeding rats until there are 8 billion of them. There is a breeding mode and a platformer mode. You can move player using arrow keys. Gameplay is clicking buttons. Known bug is when you are on windows and click PLOT in breeding mode, the window will shrink.

```python3``` to run

click and point and arrow keys are controls

speedlimit35: art, music, code

meatty: code

kingemu246: art

chis: art, POET

ChikPhila: code

play through :

Team: speedlimit35, meatyy, Name624, chis, ChickPhilA

Untitled Gravity puzzler

  • — Final zip file with code and exe
Untitled Gravity Puzzler(UGP) involves you using gravity created by

dark matter to solve a series of puzzles.


/// Playing from source code ///


install requirements.txt [Only requirement is pygame/pygame-ce, which you likely alrady have]

Change directory to UGP/src in terminal

run command 'python3'


/// Playing from .EXE ///


Click play on the main.exe file, found in the res folder.


/// How to play ///


Click the dark matter around the screen to pick it up. Click again to place. Dark Matter affect the movement of ships and asteroids.

Some puzzles will require you to blow up planets with asteroids, land ships on strange moons or

even destroy the universe.

press F - to go full screen

press R - to go back to main menu

press ESCAPE - to go leave the game


/// Credits ///


preatomicprince - lead programmer

Jsteele - Art design/ junior programmer

Vaugbe - Sound design

Team: preatomicprince, Jsteele, Vaugbe

Ultra Large Scale Structure

Note about hardware support: Due to how Panda3D/NVIDIA handles multiple samplers, this application only supports AMD graphics cards currently. See issue 1538 on the panda3d repo for more details.

I will be attempting to produce a "minimum viable galaxy product" which demonstrates the importance of Dark Matter in galaxy formation and/or large-scale structure formation using Panda3D and Python.

Project Description

A game engine implementation of physical cosmology structure formation with a compute shader.

The current research focus of this simulation is how dark matter, namely, the absence of dark matter would affect the formation of the Milky Way Galaxy, with a very specific focus. The simulation aims to provide a dial to turn the dark matter up or down, and watch the effect on the formation of the galaxy. The simulation makes the implicit assumption that a standard dark matter universe has persisted conveniently up until our simulation begins.

Initial near-singularity orbital emergence:

Detailed Structure Formation

Initial UI

Preliminary physics output data plot (not representative of the game):
Initial math, not representative of the game.

Entrant: Simulan

Cosmic Prowl

2D top down pixel perfect game where your on the prowl for dark matter

Read more on the github repo

Entrant: busterbeam

Dark Gravity

A python enthusiast who spent corona times at home learning pygame.

Entrant: TenekeKutu_07

Cult of the Eclipse

Cult of The Eclipse

Follow the return of Kairos Nightshade in his ultimate journey to rid the world of the shadow once and for all. In his journey to subdue the shadow, he must gather 3 relics in order to fight and finish the shadow once and for all, as well as stopping the cult known as The Cult Of The Eclipse who are hell bent on bringing the shadow into the physical world. In the Game known as Kairos Nightshade: Cult of The Eclipse!

Instructions for Running the Game

Uses PyZero (pip install pgzero)

Playing the Game

Find the relic before time runs out. Use the Arrow keys to move left, right, and Up (or space for up).  Manuever around the obstacles and find the relic before time runs out.  If you run out of time, you lose.  If you find the relic in time, you win.

Now with a +


For the funnies!

Team: smoktwix, Doger, Pykemon010

Dark Matter Search

Use your three probes to discover the location of dark matter blobs in this cluster by observing the probes' paths through space.
Click on Start to start get to the story, press Enter to start the game (yes it doesn't make sense)
Click and drag with the mouse to launch your probes, once all probes have been launched you have four guesses to find the dark matter. Click the left mouse button to make a guess; dark matter will be revealed if it lies within the shown radius.

Entrant: PyTM30

Blobbing Blob

You're a blob. An innocent little slime in your cave, minding your own business.

The cave is your playground, and it's usually peaceful.

However, recently, the cave was disturbed by an unknown entity. Now you must navigate your way through each room, avoiding blocks smeared by an otherworldly matter!

Team: Anonymous4045, nOo0Oo0oOb, shenanigansd, Thespaceinvader, ilcheese2, dluiscosta, heko, DogeKing

The Mystery of the Unmatter

This is a top-down (Asteroids-like) space exploration game. The main challenge involves picking out black objects against a dark background. Pilot your ship around to find pieces of "unmatter". The more you discover the more tech you'll unlock.

It is highly recommended that you use the in-game feature adjust so that the main challenge is not too easy or too difficult for you. Press F9 at any time in the game.

Before judging for PyWeek, I recommend that you play at least until you've unlocked the Xazer beam and discovered two gravity wells. This is roughly where the tutorial ends, and should take 10-15 minutes. At that point you've gotten the gist of the game, so only keep playing if you're still having fun. The entire game might take 45-60 minutes to finish, and the ending is underwhelming.

How it fits the theme: the game is about finding dark objects in space that are difficult to see, very loosely inspired by real-world dark matter.

Entrant: Cosmologicon



- pygame

- numpy 

How to build and run

- all you need to do is run the file. Should be 

compatible with all Python 3.x versions


- wasd = movement

- mouse 1 = fire bullets

- mouse 2 = place dark matter block

- spacebar = evolve dark matter

What there is to see in the game

- The game is a simple top down shooter with a twist.

  You can manipulate the game map! Shoot the infected

  enemies to score points while placing dark matter

  blocks to obstruct and kill your attackers.

Copyright attributions

- Assets Links:


- Pixel art by


Entrant: krs_dev

Galactic Harvesters

Galactic Harvesters: The Canister Crusade

For those who'd rather not run the software from the source, I've uploaded separate binaries for Windows. Additionally, I've bundled the embedded-python-zip alongside the source, and provided shortcuts to launch the game with various options. Rest assured, there's no compiled code from my side. (I did not mark it final so you have to click on the title to see all files)

While instructions for running the software from source are documented in the README, I'll reiterate them here for your convenience:

Installation & Setup:

To install the necessary packages:

pip install -r requirements.txt

For Linux users:

sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev libopenal-dev
pip install modernal==0.9.0

To launch the game:


Command Line Arguments:

--no-fullscreen: Launch the game in windowed mode.
--no-audio: Mute the game audio.

Game Controls Without a Mouse:

Move: W A S D

Turn: Q E

Shoot: CTRL

However, I strongly recommend playing with a mouse, as it offers a vastly different and immersive experience.

Additional Tip:

If you find yourself wanting to explore all the ships but don't want to grind through the game, feel free to modify the score.txt.

Deleting it will reset the game. Enjoy!


In the year 3077,
the Milky Way Galaxy is in the midst of an energy crisis.

The primary source of energy, a rare crystalline element called "Dark Matter" is nearing depletion.
Dark Matter is primarily stored in canisters that have been scattered throughout space over centuries
due to space wars, trading routes, and exploration mishaps.

Captain Neil Starbreaker is the fearless pilot of the spacecraft "Nebula Harvester".
Neil used to be a space pirate but has since reformed after witnessing
the dire effects of the energy crisis on his home planet, Noverra.

Join Captain Starbreaker on the "Nebula Harvester" and help save the galaxy.

Entrant: cprogrammer1994

Dark Odyssey

Dark Odyssey
Voyage through the cosmos with Captain Elroy Stargazer and crew aboard the Comet Chaser to unravel the mysteries of dark matter, all while facing formidable adversaries.

Keep your eyes peeled for anomalies in the fabric of space as you try to gain control, there are some surprises abound as the game progresses.

Pyglet == 2.0.9
Executables for Windows and Linux are provided in the zip.

Use the mouse to aim and rotate your spaceship.
Press 'A' to accelerate in the direction that the spaceship is pointing towards.
Click the mouse buttons to shoot.

- Game Design, Programming, Artwork: ballipilla, ele-phant-astic, pillitoka, dark knight  
- Sounds: Individual licences are mentioned next to the specific files  
- Music: Patreon Goal Reward Loops - Track10 - Layer_04.wav Track by Abstraction (  

This work (apart from files mentioned specifically) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Team: ballipilla, pillitoka, ele-phant-astic, Dark_Knight

A dying world

coding, haha funny

Team: Hammish47, Reacto


  • — An incomplete LOTZ based game, which was supposed to help you collect energy with the help of mystical energy based creatures, who shall help you find your destiny, and return you to your world.
Hello everyone! Learning Python for around a year, I decided to give this challenge a try, despite the fact I have never done a game in Python. My project is far from complete, but I decided to link here. Regardless of that, the fun I had, really made it worth the blood and sweat. If my project was complete, perhaps this would be its description. Ahem~

You find yourself to have randomly teleported to another world. Completely shrouded in darkness, yet some light shimmers across the desolate, rocky terrain, but full of life, which is in itself strange enough. A Saint sits in front of you, who says, "In order to get out of this world, you must collect a certain amount of energy. Your heart, fate shall guide you through this journey."

Further on, you encounter mystical creatures emanating with some bluish energy. With only a feeble stone sword, you have several options to get out of this world. Either you slay or spare the creature. Use this energy you obtain, to guide you out of this world.

Entrant: TensionFlowed


A block puzzle game where you must not be seen by the Eye.

Note: The connection to the "Dark matter" theme is in the puzzle mechanics; see README.txt.

Entrant: Tee

Unirgata Cards Battlers : Dark Matters

  • — The game doesn't work at all because I didn't manage to do proper code. BTW, Ratnarchiste and AppleSly, respectively at music composition and at graphic design, have done incredible work. Please check their art in the data folder !

Team: Xyolidge, Ratnarchiste, AppleSly


I don't know if I can make it, but at least I try 

edit: I tried
You can play it also in the browser:
password: 'mannaggia'

Entrant: Proiz92

Down The Drain

  • — Surely it's easier to play by going to but if you really want to try it locally, unzip and run "python".
The ambitious game we didn't finish:
  • Non-traditional sensory input
  • stealth
  • shrinkwrap
  • exploration

The game we actually made:

  • a 3D tunnel racer with a single level that runs for 2 minutes 15 seconds... can you beat it?
  • all you need is a browser

Team: glyph, ambv, tenth

Dark Matter Mage

Dive into a roguelike top down shooter where you fight your way through rooms full of enemies.

Can you make it through all 9 rooms to the boss and maybe even defeat him?

Current Record run: 1:50 (I will keep this updated!)

Full Run of the Dungeon:

WASD to walk

LMB to shoot 

RMB to dash (Dash passes through bullets without taking damage)

Q for the black hole ability

Quick start

Install using

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run using:


Note: You might need to specify `python3` instead. This game was developed and tested with python 3.10. 

python build_apps


  • Panda3D

Team: coffee, Heuser


Flying through a tunnel that reprisents dark matter absorption to bring your ship beyond light speed. Keep the line aiming down (towards the triangle at the bottom) to gain speed.

I only had very limited time for this entry but I still think it turned out interesting. See what the maximum level you can achieve is. It goes on forever.

Shout out to Szabolcs Dombi, Schwarzbaer and @simulan for helping me with some of the math and playtesting and pointing out some bugs!

Entrant: zwerver

Dark Matter X

This game uses the Arcade library and has only been tested in Windows but should be cross-platform. The genre is shoot'em up (SHMUP) and movement is similar to the classic Asteroids.

You are a ship stranded in enemy space and must destroy drones to charge your dark matter drive. The sectors are protected by boss ships which must be defeated before moving on to the next area.

Colliding with drones will destroy them but damage your hull. Colliding with a boss will instantly destroy you. You can engage the bosses in any order. Clear them all to win!

Launch "" to play the game :)

Use the WSAD keys to move and mouse left-click to shoot.

Team: Lanecrest, SHAKAndawe

Unknown Space

Team: ano002, Natissan