Hello everyone! Learning Python for around a year, I decided to give this challenge a try, despite the fact I have never done a game in Python. My project is far from complete, but I decided to link here. Regardless of that, the fun I had, really made it worth the blood and sweat. If my project was complete, perhaps this would be its description. Ahem~

You find yourself to have randomly teleported to another world. Completely shrouded in darkness, yet some light shimmers across the desolate, rocky terrain, but full of life, which is in itself strange enough. A Saint sits in front of you, who says, "In order to get out of this world, you must collect a certain amount of energy. Your heart, fate shall guide you through this journey."

Further on, you encounter mystical creatures emanating with some bluish energy. With only a feeble stone sword, you have several options to get out of this world. Either you slay or spare the creature. Use this energy you obtain, to guide you out of this world.


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Overall: 1.6
Fun: 1.4
Production: 2
Innovation: 1.5

12% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
An incomplete LOTZ based game, which was supposed to help you collect energy with the help of mystical energy based creatures, who shall help you find your destiny, and return you to your world.
TensionFlowed 2023/09/23 22:01