Title screen

Untitled Gravity puzzler

Untitled Gravity Puzzler(UGP) involves you using gravity created by

dark matter to solve a series of puzzles.


/// Playing from source code ///


install requirements.txt [Only requirement is pygame/pygame-ce, which you likely alrady have]

Change directory to UGP/src in terminal

run command 'python3 main.py'


/// Playing from .EXE ///


Click play on the main.exe file, found in the res folder.


/// How to play ///


Click the dark matter around the screen to pick it up. Click again to place. Dark Matter affect the movement of ships and asteroids.

Some puzzles will require you to blow up planets with asteroids, land ships on strange moons or

even destroy the universe.

press F - to go full screen

press R - to go back to main menu

press ESCAPE - to go leave the game


/// Credits ///


preatomicprince - lead programmer

Jsteele - Art design/ junior programmer

Vaugbe - Sound design


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 3.9

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


File Uploader Date
Final zip file with code and exe
preatomicprince 2023/09/24 14:53
Title screen
Jsteele 2023/09/24 14:45
Jsteele 2023/09/24 14:44
Flinging rocks
Jsteele 2023/09/24 14:41