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Dark Matter Mage

Dive into a roguelike top down shooter where you fight your way through rooms full of enemies.

Can you make it through all 9 rooms to the boss and maybe even defeat him?

Current Record run: 1:50 (I will keep this updated!)

Full Run of the Dungeon:

WASD to walk

LMB to shoot 

RMB to dash (Dash passes through bullets without taking damage)

Q for the black hole ability

Quick start

Install using

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run using:


Note: You might need to specify `python3` instead. This game was developed and tested with python 3.10. 

python build_apps


  • Panda3D


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.4
Production: 4.1
Innovation: 3

Respondents: 16


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Windows Build
coffee 2023/09/23 23:36
Saying goodbye is just good manners...
coffee 2023/09/23 23:26
Zip of the Repo (contains source)
coffee 2023/09/23 23:16
goodbye placeholder
coffee 2023/09/21 21:53
progress update
coffee 2023/09/21 00:22
asset sneak peek
coffee 2023/09/19 11:40

Diary Entries

Getting the ball rolling...

So, after some initial brainstorming and prototyping, our game is starting to take shape, and development is finally in motion.

As the topic 'Dark matter' is very broad and can be applied to (seemingly) almost any context, we decided to create a roguelike top-down shooter centered around a 'Dark matter mage'.

In the first few days, we got most of the basics (movement, combat, map generation) to the stage of 'yeah, I can see how that could work out' and even wrote some tooling to help us create the map segments.

While in the last few PyWeeks we were using Pygame, this time we switched it up by using Panda3D. So far, it is really impressive how much Panda3D provides out of the box.

Right now we hope that we can keep our current momentum.

Asset sneak peek

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GIN JANG - Progress update

In the last few days, we were able to build the basics needed for our game. So we finish this day with (mostly) working movement, shooting, map generation, enemies, and the weird feelings that both of us could use another high school lecture about basic vector math...

However, we are super stoked with our progress so far and kinda start to feel like we have a basic grasp of Panda3D.

Up next is adding the win condition, abilities as well as sketching out how a potential boss fight might look like.

And yes, our placeholder icons are done in Paint. We never claimed to be less than professional.

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PAINTing a picture of our progress

So, with today almost being concluded, here is a little update on our progress:

Today, we added/fixed:

  • Some animations
  • The last menus 
  • Lighting
  • Room (off-)loading
  • A player ability that revolves around gravity
  • The first steps of making the HUD look nice

The last steps sadly also mean that our placeholder paint icons had to go... :(

The next few days are (mostly) about polishing and adding the final boss. 

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The ball has reached the end

Hello everyone,

We've also finished our game!

As we never mentioned it: The premise of our game is that you, the player, are a dark matter mage. You shoot orbs of dark matter and utilize the power of black holes to fight your way through hordes of enemies. If you manage to survive, you can challenge the sungod himself.

In the end, we had a bit of a struggle with panda3d and performance issues... but problems and challenges are what make PyWeek fun :)

Both of us are super excited to see what everyone else came up with.

And as this is our last diary entry: Goodbye to everyone, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in the next PyWeek!


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