March 2022 challenge: “My evil twin”

The Two Within You - Im done

Posted by SiddBourbaki on 2022/03/26 12:19

Check out my Game The Two Within You
This was my first game jam and I really Enjoyed it! Looking forward to playing the games you all come up with... 

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Midday Shootout - Day 7 - Finish Line

Posted by ProfessorCode on 2022/03/26 12:13

Hey everyone,

I've made a Linux build of the game but, since PyInstaller doesn't support cross-compiling, there are no Windows or Mac builds. There are some known issues with the game, which I have given details about in my README file. You can get the source files or the Linux build from either PyWeek or my GitHub repo. I hope you enjoy my game!


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Tasters - DAY 6

Posted by aleksan149 on 2022/03/26 08:46

I'm done with the game! It turned out funny!)

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Ghosts Stories - Learning Rust

Posted by None4U on 2022/03/26 00:25

how to handle events in glutin

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Copycat - Days 5 and 6

Posted by Squawylaous on 2022/03/25 20:02

Forgot to make an entry yesterday, so I’m doing days 5 and 6 now. On day 5 I worked on getting various things set up: menu and level select screens, more game elements, and various bug fixes. On day 6 I was able to get the game into a playable state, but unfortunately I had to abandon some things I wanted to add as well as pretty much give up on polish. By now my code has degraded into a buggy mess but it still works well enough. Due to personal reasons this is the last day I will be able to work on the game, so I’m rushing to finish it. At the time of writing I have three hours untill I have to submit whatever I have, so apologies if it is incomplete.

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Midday Shootout - Day 6

Posted by ProfessorCode on 2022/03/25 15:03

Okay. I am almost finished with the game itself. I do still have some polishing left to do but it's nearly complete.

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TBD - Will not finish in time.

Posted by Phantasma on 2022/03/25 07:40

Bad news.

Due to unfortunate theme selection and the lack of solid ideas and progress towards this challenge. I've decided to forfeit this challenge. On top of that, The online college courses I am currently taking holds a higher priority.

Best of luck to the remaining developers working hard on this challenge.

Hopefully by the time this next challenge comes around, the circumstances will be better.


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Menace of the Streets - day 6

Posted by speedlimit35 on 2022/03/25 07:18

I am almost done but I am running out of time. So, instead of writing clean code, I am copying and pasting parts that work and creating new variables whenever I need one. I think I will finish my game but tomorrow will be very intense.

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Super Shooter - Day 6

Posted by Anonymous4045 on 2022/03/25 04:41

Today I managed to make a breakthrough that allows me to create and save levels all inside the file. It's become a secondary challenge for me to use the least amount of files necessary for literally no reason lol. Anyways, I also made it so the player can no longer clip through blocks above them by jumping through them. Additionally, zombies now have a little ai and deal damage to the player with a lil damage animation (blotting a red rectangle to the screen over the player rect lol).

I still have yet to incorporate the actual evil twin part, but I don't think that will bee *too* difficult. I also need to finish constructing all the levels. Should definitely be able to do that tomorrow.

Finally, I have the entirety of Saturday cleared for this lol. I should be able to fix any and all bugs, do some polishing and create sound effects and a soundtrack for my game. I'm also hoping to figure out how to use PyInstaller to turn my game into a single, stand-alone file.

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Two Day Escapade - The pain of being a student

Posted by Kevin-Dono on 2022/03/24 22:18

Pyweek came at a really bad time for us, where we had either exams or large assignments to be done in the same week. Thus far, we haven't been able to work much on our game or concept, but that trial period is finally over.

Really excited to finally start getting some stuff done

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