March 2022 challenge: “My evil twin”

Brothers - Waiting for Bugs

Posted by RicBin on 2022/03/27 15:18

I managed to finish the game on time.

It's time to play it and fix some bugs.

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Gnorw time - How to set up and play

Posted by tacchan on 2022/03/27 15:11

How to set up

Download the zip file then extract the files and move inside the "evil-twin-main" directory

`cd evil-twin-main`

then, for windows run `play` or `sh` on linux

How to run the game

You can play the game right after following the set up steps, or running `python src` from the root directory "evil-twin-main"

How to play the game

Complete the tutorial first by obtaining a time piece and exiting the level via the exit at the top left corner

Press Esc to access the menu


Entwined Red / Entwined Blue - Entwined: Done

Posted by Tee on 2022/03/27 14:47

This one was fun to create. It's a pair of "twin" puzzle games. It's a bit rough; I wish I had a few more hours to polish it further and make another level, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

The readme.txt contains some known issues, in particular the undo might be a bit buggy. Post here if you find any other issues.

(Apologies to Bluish for the game name overlap, I named it slightly differently on the Pyweek page to avoid confusion. By the time I saw your game name, I had already done a lot around this title. It's fun wordplay. :))

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On the Nature of Reflections - Final entry uploaded

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2022/03/27 14:17

Okay, the game is uploaded. It's not great. I had some other things come up so I was only able to spend a couple days worth of time on it total. I had to cut the mechanics where you work against your reflection before you work together, so the connection to the theme isn't as clear as I wanted. Still, let me know if you find any bugs.

Version difference and performance note: I recommend playing version 2 of this game. If you have the option, Pygame 1.9.6 will get you better performance than Pygame 2.1.2. On the last day when I went to test it with 2.1.2 I found a severe performance degradation. Pygame 1.9.6 is apparently much more efficient at drawing enormous polygons with pygame.draw.polygon, which is used to draw the mask for the reflection effect in the game. If you want to test whether your version of pygame is affected, try out the following code. It will either take a fraction of a second, or several seconds:

import pygame
screen = pygame.display.set_mode((500, 500))
pygame.draw.polygon(screen, (0,0,0), [(0,0), (0,100000), (100000,0)])

Because of this, version 1 is unplayably slow with Pygame 2.1.2. During the upload period, I implemented a workaround to reduce the size of the polygons drawn, which version 2 includes. Version 2 is still slower with Pygame 2.1.2 than Pygame 1.9.6, but should be playable. You'll still see bad framerates, but it should be more like 10fps than 0.1fps. Let me know if you still have any issue. Thanks!

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Two Day Escapade - 'twas close

Posted by Kevin-Dono on 2022/03/27 13:37

Given that we had exams and assignments this week, the bulk of the work ended up being done in only these last two days 🤣

Really unfortunate timing, but it was loads of fun.

Great experience for sure, looking forward to the next one

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my evil twin - welp

Posted by michaelmichael on 2022/03/26 23:02

welp, i did not finish my game in a week, but i learned an awful lot about python and pygame and that has made this whole experience worth while. i will upload a clip of how my game works thus far. it covers interacting with options and deciding what to do with them. the options the player is prompted with change depending on if the good twin or the evil twin is being used. congratulations everyone who participated (and especially to those of you who finished)!



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Sibling Strife - Game Complete! Very Proud

Posted by Apex on 2022/03/26 22:58

After many days of hard work, I have finally finished my game with a little more than an hour to go. In hindsight, all the blood, sweat, and tears was well worth it given the substantial quality of the finished result, if I say so myself. Overall, I'm very proud of my work and would greatly appreciate it if you could come check it out!

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Menace of the Streets - day 7

Posted by speedlimit35 on 2022/03/26 19:55


Please tell me if you find any bugs!

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N1krat - Final

Posted by Nikrat on 2022/03/26 15:14

Feel free to comment and if you will find a bug say it in comment. You can experiment with level editor and take a look at sprites. 

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Quantum Entanglement - Game Complete!

Posted by mit-mit on 2022/03/26 15:04

Please feel free to leave any comments or bug reports!

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