inverting based on twin

my evil twin

i know that i have no idea what i'm getting myself into. i fully expect that i will spend most of my time just trying to come up with a name for the game rather than actually making it happen. 


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game prototype
michaelmichael 2022/03/26 23:07
inverting based on twin
michaelmichael 2022/03/22 23:52
inverting based on twin
michaelmichael 2022/03/22 23:52

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in a dark canyon with only a keychain flashlight to light my path

after watching (half of) several pygame tutorials, i have made a small amount of progress. i decided to head in the direction of a text-based adventure game in which the way the player interacts with the environment changes depending on if the player is the "good twin" or the "not good twin". the player (hopefully) will be able to swap between twins in order to choose different actions depending on how they want to handle each situation.

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welp, i did not finish my game in a week, but i learned an awful lot about python and pygame and that has made this whole experience worth while. i will upload a clip of how my game works thus far. it covers interacting with options and deciding what to do with them. the options the player is prompted with change depending on if the good twin or the evil twin is being used. congratulations everyone who participated (and especially to those of you who finished)!



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