Day 6

Today I managed to make a breakthrough that allows me to create and save levels all inside the file. It's become a secondary challenge for me to use the least amount of files necessary for literally no reason lol. Anyways, I also made it so the player can no longer clip through blocks above them by jumping through them. Additionally, zombies now have a little ai and deal damage to the player with a lil damage animation (blotting a red rectangle to the screen over the player rect lol).

I still have yet to incorporate the actual evil twin part, but I don't think that will bee *too* difficult. I also need to finish constructing all the levels. Should definitely be able to do that tomorrow.

Finally, I have the entirety of Saturday cleared for this lol. I should be able to fix any and all bugs, do some polishing and create sound effects and a soundtrack for my game. I'm also hoping to figure out how to use PyInstaller to turn my game into a single, stand-alone file.