Attempting PyWeek game jam after a long hiatus. Hopefully I will try and make the scope as simplistic as possible. Best of luck to everyone participating.


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Finally got an approach to this challenge

First diary log.

This selected theme is not one of my favored choices. Instead of giving up however, I spent the last couple days trying to brainstorm a simple concept. And at the time of this entry, I think I got it. I'll be posting more frequent updates as the days go by.

I will be using Pygame for this project. I'll include anything else worth noting as the days go by.

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Will not finish in time.

Bad news.

Due to unfortunate theme selection and the lack of solid ideas and progress towards this challenge. I've decided to forfeit this challenge. On top of that, The online college courses I am currently taking holds a higher priority.

Best of luck to the remaining developers working hard on this challenge.

Hopefully by the time this next challenge comes around, the circumstances will be better.


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