Next challenge dates

Hi folks. The start of April right through to the end of May are looking at bring ridiculously busy for me, so I'm not going to try to run PyWeek then.

Any suggestions for when to run it after May are welcome.

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After may meaning after the start of may or after the end of may?
I can't wait for the next PyWeek, so I say early June. :)
Would the last day of May (which happens to be a Sunday) be close enough to qualify as "after May"?
Early June +1! ASAP!

For me personally 6th - 13th June is best.

If you're still taking votes, I can't make it the week of June 13-20, so I vote against that.
Thanks for the feedback folks!
@Cosmologicon I can't either, but how do you like 6 - 13th June?
any updates on potential dates? I'm keen for asap, anytime June/July +1 my vote.
I'm swamped, so the likely date is slipping into late June / early July at the moment. I have some other things I'd like to do this next PyWeek, to mix it up a little.
Awesome.. eagerly waiting for the next pyweek!
If it slips enough the spring and autumn events could merge into a single 2-week special PyWeek this year. Just imagine the polish you could add to a game in one extra week! Full voice acting, full motion capture, stereoscopic 3D, support for every platform, absolutely no bugs, multiplayer matchmaking...
Good idea @cyhawk, i like it, we can do something special this year
I like the idea aswell @cyhawk!

I vote against making the challenge longer--I feel it would remove a sense of urgency that is crucial to a game jam

But I'd be fine with it! I just want there to be a date to look forward to! Not knowing when the next pyweek is going to be--it hurts

@cyhawk nice idea, i like it :D
I agree with assertivist. 2 weeks is sort of that magic number where the brain goes "oh, I have plenty of time". Although a PyFortnight would encourage a lot more ambitious projects at the start, I have a feeling ultimately we'll see a lot more DNF entries.
Ok then maybe not a 2 week contest, but how about a contest that inclues 2 full weekends, So it would start at the beginning of one weekend (early on a Saturday, or late on Friday) then ends at the end of the next (early Monday morning, or late Sunday) 9 days instead of 7?
Richard: any update on the dates?
@Tee There was some discussion in the irc not to long ago.
So when is next PyWeek. If you need volunteer for running PyWeek I might help you.
I like the idea of two full weekends. Although we might need to rename it to the PyNonodiem or something.

Since it's getting awfully close to the early end of the acceptable range to run the next autumn PyWeek, I went on IRC and poked Richard, and, well, this happened:

How would you guys feel about an August PyWeek? Either August 8th through 15th, the week before, or the week after? Basically I have 3 concerns...

  • Doing it too late: college and school age pyweekers starting up classes again.
  • Doing it too late pt 2: When the next PyWeek rolls around without sufficient gap, people are less likely to participate.
  • Too early: Not enough time to get the message out and letting people plan around it.

Thoughts? Either way, a date should probably get hammered down soon if we don't want 2015 to forever be known as The Year of The Lone PyWeek. In a few days, after people have voiced concerns about which week to use, I'll start announcing in the various channels.

August 8th sounds great, August 15th also.

School and collage won't start yet.

Problem with that days might be that some people are on vacation and might not have Internet access, but almost every PyWeek someone can't participate.

Because of that August 15th might be better choice (I think less people are on vacation then) but it would almost overlap with Ludum Dare (I'm not sure what's hour PyWeek starts so it may even overlap few hours) and that would be terrible.

About me: I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I'll probably return 27th July so ; I'll also participate in Ludum Dare (which will begin 21st August) so 15th is bit too late for me; I'm also going on one Jam on the end of August so I'll be on 3 Jams in one month.

Oh, I wanted to write: I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I'll probably return 27th July so I won't be somewhere without Internet on August 8th nor August 15th

August 8th sounds very good to me =).
Also, the week of the 15th will overlap with Ludum Dare and also first day of classes of some US colleges on the semester system, so if there's no major objections, I'm going to start pushing the boulder down the hill in that direction.
Also, as a person in the Western hemisphere, I tend to think of PyWeek running from Saturday to Saturday, so by "August 8th" what I really meant to say is 12AM GMT August 9th to 12AM GMT August 16th.
Another vote for preferring August 8th to the 15th, because of Ludum Dare.
+1 for 9th-16th, sounds good to me! Woohoo!
9th to 16th sounds good to me. :)

Still waiting for Richard to toggle the admin bit so I can update the site and make it look a little more official, but consider the dates officially announced!

On a side note, I took the liberty of registering a PyWeek twitter account. Since this is going to be an uphill battle to promote on somewhat shorter notice, please re-tweet to your heart's content.

Date looks decent good for me as well. (The week after i start moving for a job)
Only issue is since libraries need to be released at least month before, if you have some code you would like to use this less than a months notice until pyweek.. :(
People are complaining about that on the newsgroup as well. How would you guys feel, given the late notice, about bending the rule from 30 days to "before theme candidates are announced"? Unfortunately this doesn't give as much of an opportunity for others to use your library, but at the same time, it doesn't give people an unfair advantage to target their library for a specific kind of game they have in mind for specific themes.
I think that's a good idea.
Dates are about as good as they are going to get :-) Probably a mini-game from me this time around.
Sounds good to me.
Can't make it. Maybe next year, I guess.
I'll be out of internet range at the tournament date, but I've got someone to send me the theme (via smoke signals and messenger pigeons). I should be able to upload the game (if I make it) within the extra 24h for uploading. No chance for a dev-diary this year :(