March 2008 challenge: “Robot”

MUA - CompoGameLoader

Posted by keeyai on 2008/07/16 22:41

I didn't know where to post this, so I made it a diary page. Also posted at LudumDare. Over the last few days I've been working on a program to manage the playing and judging of games during the competition. I've reached the beta stage and need your help. Here is the full link - - please give it a read.


Assembly Line - Assembly Line 0.5 - Post-Comp Pre-Pyggy Release

Posted by gcewing on 2008/05/07 23:57

I have uploaded a new version of Assembly Line. As a potential Pyggy entry, I'm keen to get some testing and feedback on it.

This version is greatly expanded. Some of the new features include:

  • More machine types and enhanced machine functionality
  • Simulation of a market that's buying your products
  • Multiple factories
  • Extensive reports showing what's going on with sales and finances
  • Sales and profit targets to aim for, and salary raises to seek after
Note that not all the products and machines are available at once now. The new machines will become available as the game progresses (about one every two months of game time) and you need to spend money to research new products.

I still haven't done much playtesting or balancing -- I've verified that the Phunky Phrisbee, Mojo Mallet and Supa Slice can be manufactured and sold at a profit, but I don't know about the others yet.

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Sea War - Dancing Block 2.0 release

Posted by milker on 2008/05/07 04:28

Thank you for your care and play.

I hope that, you will like it.

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Flat Bot - Gamasutra: "How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days"

Posted by richard on 2008/05/07 01:34

This article is chock-full of advice for everyone :)

Read it.

Bookmark it.

Return to it before the next PyWeek :)

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Robot Underground - Continuing Development

Posted by Martin on 2008/05/01 17:28

As we've said before, it will probably be a while before the next Robot Underground release. However, you can now follow development at our website,

We also have Windows and Mac binaries of the latest release, so if you've been having trouble getting things to run up until now, or you'd like to share Robot Underground with your less Python-inclined friends, now you can.


Sea War - Dancing Block 1.5 (Keybroad Support)

Posted by milker on 2008/04/30 17:51

Dancing Blocks 1.5

Add Keybroad Support. ^^

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Jazaian - Plans for further, I mean DEVELOPMENT

Posted by Bob the Hamster on 2008/04/30 16:20

Here is a rough outline of some future plans for Customer Service ROBOT!
  • More building types
  • Cars and Airplanes (Zach already drew graphics)
  • Make the lasers work.
    • Do damage to buildings and burn trees
    • Display a beam of light (using the quad code Brian wrote)
  • Customer log.
    • Record a list of all the customers you have helped
    • and an ui for viewing it
  • Body upgrades
    • New legs (faster walking?)
    • New arms (faster smashing, other animations?)
    • New heads (different eye-lasers)
    • New torsos (different ...?)
    • New antennae (different navigation tools)
  • Alternate navigation tools
    • ThermoNav - Display "Hot" or "Cold" depending on whether you are getting closer or further from the customer (disrupted by power plants and refrigerated warehouses?)
    • MagnetoNav - Periodically recommend N, S, E, W (disrupted by iron foundries?)
    • EchoNav - report distance from customer in nautical miles, but not direction. (disrupted by aquariums?)
    • SataliteNav - (similar to current navigation) Show precise direction to the customer (disrupted by cell-towers?)
    • PigeonNav - A pigeon flies back and forth between you and the customer (undisruptable!)
    • - A modal map of the city showing your position and the customer's position. Can't move while looking at it.

Also, nobody has reported any further information about the crashes on Windows. I hope that means that we already solved them in the last update ;)

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Sea War - Dancing Block (post pyweek#6)

Posted by milker on 2008/04/30 09:19

It is a post pyweek#6 game.

You will like it.
Now: it require a dancing-pad.

:) it will support keybroad, later.

Project Home:


Robot Underground - Robot Underground 1.0.4

Posted by Martin on 2008/04/27 17:09

Another release!

Mostly bugfixes this time around, although there are a few little content tweaks, and an extra super-secret weapon, which I'm sure all you RU completists will want to try out.

The big change in this release, from a development standpoint, is that we've included a lot more logging, to help with balance issues. As such, it would be really great if you could send us copies of your savegames. Eventually we'll have an automated system for this, but for now, we'd appreciate having copies of your save/game0.sav, etc. emailed to Only savegames from this version (or later) are useful, so don't worry about old savegames. However, we're particularly interested in receiving savegames from people who had trouble with the game, or who didn't really enjoy it.

Anyway, enough talk, here's Robot Underground 1.0.4.


Ghetto VIking: The prophecy - I love you, HanClinto

Posted by j-1 on 2008/04/27 01:30

For whom it might concern: I uploaded a recent windows binary here. It is far slower than running the code directly through python, but hey, it's Windows, so I'm not surprised.

Many thanks to HanClinto and his auto-exe-script. I suppose that Richard is allready aware of the problems with skellington's, but I found that it was not able to run it from its current directory, and had a buggy handling of many-levelled subdirectories in data/. I merged Clinto's script with and made some smaller modifications to address this; feel free to check it out in the SVN repository!

This about concludes it for this time, but the Ghetto Viking Killer Robot is not dead! We might just show up for the Pyggy awards. Check out the SVN repository regularly to see our progress. See you!