Jazaian (ja-ZAI-an): Sumerian demigoddess, daughter of the supreme goddess Ishtar, from her brief union with the mortal king Gilgamesh. She is considered to preside over the emotions of urgency and impatience, making her name an appropriate choice for a team in a time-limited contest.


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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.4
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 2.8

18% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 18


File Uploader Date
Re-release with a few post-pyweek updates
Bob the Hamster 2008/04/21 01:23
Bob the Hamster 2008/04/21 01:19
final entry
Bob the Hamster 2008/04/06 02:27
final entry
Bob the Hamster 2008/04/06 02:24
Work-in-progress of random city generation. What do we want with a city? Wait and see! Mwahahahaha!
Bob the Hamster 2008/04/01 05:04

Diary Entries

Wiki page... ROBOT!

Things are going well! It is something of a joy to be given license to focus so much energy on a game-making project. Yay for programming!

Some additional information could theoretically be found on this wiki page

And remember! When you say ROBOT!, the "!" is not optional!

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Not too late?


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Maybe we were too late :(

I can't find the file upload button anymore, so I guess we were too late :(

Well, if you want to play anyway, you can download the source here: pyweek-jazaian-robot-src.tar.gz. it requires pygame, pyopengl, and motherhamster. wxpython is optional for those who want to use the editor.

For those of you too lazy to separately install motherhamster, here is a copy with it bundled in: pyweek-jazaian-robot-src+motherhamster.tar.gz

I'll post links to mac and windows packages soon.

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md5, hope this okay?

91aa92440f0a24e48c0d2e029f5c0bed pyweek-jazaian-robot-src.tar.gz

319d0caa3786f3de6bf43ceb6edf4fff pyweek-jazaian-robot-src+motherhamster.tar.gz


Screenshot of ROBOT! Providing Excellent Customer Service (DESTROYING)

For what it is worth, here is a screenshot


Provide Excellent Customer Service Through SMASHING!

Thank you to everyone who played and voted! I really appreciated the feedback given by most of the voters. Lots of compliments for the art-style, so extra kudos go to our lean-mean-art-producing-machine Zach.

I have uploaded a re-release with a few post-pyweek improvements. I do plan to continue development on this game. Suggestions for increasing the dept of gameplay would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a few of you had problems with "pygame parachute" crashes on Windows. We haven't been able reproduce these crashes ourselves, but we would greatly appreciate it if anyone who can would let us know, so hopefully we can figure out why it happens.

Here are the new features in the post-pyweek re-release:

  • Doesn't crash if pygame.mixer.init() fails (actually, I wonder if that is what caused the pygame parachute errors?)
  • Tweaked the difficulty (caller impatience speed)
  • Play completion sound effects when you reach a caller
  • Display count of fatalities
  • Generate random customer names (many of which are awesome)
  • Fix block editor
  • make the README file not suck
  • Tested and working Windows installer and Mac app bundle

Oh, yes, and in response to your questions, no, it does not matter whether or not you smash buildings. The important part is EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Plans for further, I mean DEVELOPMENT

Here is a rough outline of some future plans for Customer Service ROBOT!
  • More building types
  • Cars and Airplanes (Zach already drew graphics)
  • Make the lasers work.
    • Do damage to buildings and burn trees
    • Display a beam of light (using the quad code Brian wrote)
  • Customer log.
    • Record a list of all the customers you have helped
    • and an ui for viewing it
  • Body upgrades
    • New legs (faster walking?)
    • New arms (faster smashing, other animations?)
    • New heads (different eye-lasers)
    • New torsos (different ...?)
    • New antennae (different navigation tools)
  • Alternate navigation tools
    • ThermoNav - Display "Hot" or "Cold" depending on whether you are getting closer or further from the customer (disrupted by power plants and refrigerated warehouses?)
    • MagnetoNav - Periodically recommend N, S, E, W (disrupted by iron foundries?)
    • EchoNav - report distance from customer in nautical miles, but not direction. (disrupted by aquariums?)
    • SataliteNav - (similar to current navigation) Show precise direction to the customer (disrupted by cell-towers?)
    • PigeonNav - A pigeon flies back and forth between you and the customer (undisruptable!)
    • - A modal map of the city showing your position and the customer's position. Can't move while looking at it.

Also, nobody has reported any further information about the crashes on Windows. I hope that means that we already solved them in the last update ;)

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