Provide Excellent Customer Service Through SMASHING!

Thank you to everyone who played and voted! I really appreciated the feedback given by most of the voters. Lots of compliments for the art-style, so extra kudos go to our lean-mean-art-producing-machine Zach.

I have uploaded a re-release with a few post-pyweek improvements. I do plan to continue development on this game. Suggestions for increasing the dept of gameplay would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a few of you had problems with "pygame parachute" crashes on Windows. We haven't been able reproduce these crashes ourselves, but we would greatly appreciate it if anyone who can would let us know, so hopefully we can figure out why it happens.

Here are the new features in the post-pyweek re-release:

Oh, yes, and in response to your questions, no, it does not matter whether or not you smash buildings. The important part is EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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The most common pygame crash I know of on windows happens if you blit a surface to itself. Check to see if you are doing this anywhere. Other than that I don't know.
Nah, I am pretty sure we are not doing any self-blitting. We did test extensively on Windows, so the problem has to be something that only happens on certain specific systems, not on all windows systems.