Maybe we were too late :(

I can't find the file upload button anymore, so I guess we were too late :(

Well, if you want to play anyway, you can download the source here: pyweek-jazaian-robot-src.tar.gz. it requires pygame, pyopengl, and motherhamster. wxpython is optional for those who want to use the editor.

For those of you too lazy to separately install motherhamster, here is a copy with it bundled in: pyweek-jazaian-robot-src+motherhamster.tar.gz

I'll post links to mac and windows packages soon.

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91aa92440f0a24e48c0d2e029f5c0bed pyweek-jazaian-robot-src.tar.gz

319d0caa3786f3de6bf43ceb6edf4fff pyweek-jazaian-robot-src+motherhamster.tar.gz