HeadQuarters king Louis XIV


Hey this is my first experience here. I hope i will find time to make something working For the 23 th session.


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Turenne speaking
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Economy vs Politic
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HeadQuarters king Louis XIV
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Diary Entries

First day for Glory_hole

"The Lesser of Two Evils" : i have to choose beetwen pest or cholera. Any perfect choice, only painfull way. I have to decide what to cut.

i keep my game secret for the moment.

Today, i have found which framework to use, what kind of gameplay. Some piece of graphics are scraped, edited, my user interface is setting up gradually.

The title is a joke, but it's about glory which can push the player inside abyssal hole.

i wonder about a serious compatibility troubles, about time (7 days alone to do everything, avoid to produce shit game, with real life beside to manage).

another challenge : i would like to make it pedagogic with python.

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Day 2 - what i underestimated

I am using renpy framework.
It's used to make visual novels.

 I discovered it few days before pyweek. It seemed very simple and easy to use at first sight.

And i wanted to join it for RPG side, with pygame for more arcade or tactic side.

but renpy is deep... and has its own rules.
And its compatible with python 2 only.

so i am struggling for learning fast renpy syntax and architecture, and for finding a way to make an adapter to launch pygame under python 3.6
I am thinking about save files to make the join, and a wrapper around all this.
so funny today..


Day 3 - what i realized at half time

Economy vs Politic

I spent my time in renpy forums and documentation, i writte very few.

 I lack medium sized open source examples on renpy.
I was stuck about navigation troubles.

 I resolved it with half-solution which are entire new problemes. It's still totally unplayable, maybe tomorrow...

Forget arcade or tactic minigames, i just try to finish pyweek with a dirty demo about using renpy. But maybe it will give ideas about "add-on" or "mods".

For the context, it's about french king Louis XIV which spent his life on reaching GLORY through Arts (Versailles, le Louvre, Paints, Litterature,...) and
crushing his european neighbourg.
 It was very hard for him to balance it , and his taste for laddies and religion was complex to manage, and avoiding people starvation and revolution.

He was always choosing on which "vital need" to cut to feed the other ones.
Which was The Lesser of Two Evils ? Its depends which part of his life.

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just before going to bed

Turenne speaking

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Day 4 : beginning working on algo and thinking post-mortem

Since 2 hours ago, i just start working on interesting side of coding games : mecanism !
it's very basic but it draws possible future of Glory_hole.

It does now take account of time dimension, so you can promise money or some diplomatic / commercial / secret action ; if you don't respect on time
what you promised, it's very dangerous. But thanks to this you can delay from impossible situation,
It gives possibility to anticipate expected earnings for exemple when you can not immediately satisfy a request.

I want to put an interactive map but it will be hard i think.

I wonder how i can design to easily feed an hypothetic event engine and event handler.

You interact with peason, nobless, aristocracy, clergy and your war ministry.

3 days left... it will be a kind of demo / proof of concept rather than a little game.

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Day 5 some Critical bugs fixed

A little bit light in the darkness... it goes a little bit better today.
I added some little features today after having been stuck a longtime because of display troubles due to my lack of renpy experience.

I have plenty of dirty parts to clean, it won't be pedagogic anyway. I just want it to work a little bit to show its potential.

I have to implement national budget, glory points, army power, commercial roads etc.

2 days left, ouch !

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Day 6 - time to boost

I fixed another silly but very annoying bug.
I can now make real work.
Few hours in the night, i am tired but happy to struggle.
My cup of coffee helps me.

I am not used with python 2 and renpy's pseudo python. It's really disturbing.
I hope i will have a genius lightning.

Working in competitive but friendly goal is very stimulating.

I've got few hours to concretize ultimate ideas, after i have to clean hard. And to ship it not to much dirty.

I hope just one thing : even if it's not playable currently, to give it a chance to live and growth after because i really think it got a playful potential.
It's really possible to introduce arcade, tactic, strategic and rpg in it, with pseudo-historical bonus.

You are right, i'm trying to seduce you to work on it, to fork it, to show it, to share it.
Be tolerant tomorrow with my "skill and abilities". I hope not to disappoint to much.

to be forgiven :


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Day 7 - Post Mortem

Renpy is interesting to deploy ultra fast prototype but need framework knowledge to use it the right way and is not made for every type of game.
I lost very to much time for silly things.
I would have prefered to fight against python or low levels concept.

Pyweek : 7 days. Your brain have to find a story, a game play that sticks with the requested theme. You have to be artist and in the code. With real life beside... If you want to make something ambitious, you decuplate bugs and finally you have trouble to finish it at last shipping time.

Glory_hole : I'm not proud about my code, it's litteraly awful. But i'm happy to have stand in competition and to show you an idea of what it could be
if it was written the right way with adapted tools, concentration, enought sleeping time.

To be continued...